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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How Do I Get A Teacher Image?

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Who is the teacher? What does he make, what does she produce? This is a question that I did myself when I was to make a speech, in a graduation party. I started saying: the teacher is a craftsman.

He or she is a Craftsman of what? Craftsman of worlds, I would say. The teachers invent world, create ideas, paint subjectiveness, at last, produce and reproduce singular constellations. In the bulge of interpretations clippings, they have affliction suspire, as Chico Buarque would say, disintegrate great part of solid conceptions and without any guarantee, they slide for the tunnel of the time, through all the pieces and ruins of our cultural formation. I think that the craftsman, the educator makes of the symbols, the ideas, the passions, the joys, the sadness, as well as of the material universe that he finds around him, the substance and the tools of its work.

They load obtain a certain artistic style, and, for extension, a certain style of life, that has the social responsibility to educate and to fight for better work conditions and a more joust society.

The teacher work value appears slowly. He is enrolled in the social, cultural, economic and politics transformations of the society. The fruits are as a good wine, delay years to appreciate its flavor. From the grapevine plantation to the transformation of the grapes in wine and its aging a good time is taken. The teacher work makes to dreams leaven.

If I was to fit a scene, I would describe a camera covering slowly the empty banks, of an empty classroom. This image would serve to catch the occupied pupils land and that when they have had finished its studies, they take leave for other adventures. On the other hand, my camera would make to emerge the sensation that this classrooms territory was drained for new groups, who would also go to be formed by the educative experiences of those teachers.

It is what I think about the teacher, a craftsman, an inventor. The teacher goes beyond a domain of techniques and methodologies with its pedagogical strategic. Its teach art is a responsible, ethical, aesthetic and politics cultural practical.

The result of its work is the pupils dreams accomplishment. These conquests are shared between pupils and professors, for the teachers persistence and ability and the pupils persistence. That is, if it has merit, it is divided between all of them.

In each pupil store a piece of the lesson. One or another dared to catch a bigger slice, without second intentions.

To each school year beginning the pupils are renewed. But the teachers also renew themselves, searching to learn with them experiences and projecting new conquests. The teacher, this dreams craftsman, is also a dreamer.

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