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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Selling Home In Brazil

When I started my making money online business I did not have any idea of computer abilities. And this experience has been faced to face with one thing: I am not from an English country and the English language is not used any day here. It has a specific useful at English schools, work, airport, hotels. There is no use day after day into a household.

Anyway, as many people around the Internet I thought about starting a selling home from Brazil.

My family and some friends started speaking me that I was not qualified, talented enough, or smart enough. I almost have instituted to believe what they told me.

It is very dangerous because before you know it, life has passed on and you are in a position of complacency and despair.

However, I have had a why to start a work at home online. I was unsatisfied with my traditional job. And I realized I could start a part time home business using my extra time.

In the global world work, an emergent trend mainly from the fall of the wall of Berlin, in 1989, has a job reduction and grows the business opportunities for an entrepreneur, or who is examining for to be owner of the proper business. The challenge for this increasing a population mass is to be professional, studying new abilities, mainly in this business of high competitiveness.

Nowadays we used to frequently watch many people say many things about a related job. It is skimpy detail they would want to establish or occasionally create a useful order, rule, a legal action, to become their income different. However, they have been more repeatedly claiming then the proceedings, or attitudes in focused management to institute a modern lifestyle.

I decided to take advantage of my extra time to implicitly learning modern things, to quite meet recent people, to definitely lend the original ideas value. At last, these extra time would be considered the special moment to we have our heart clear to the unexpected opportunities. It could make many people live by a difference way.

Our immediate work would instantly take us the opportunity to find out something unusual. Maybe we would reach esteemed accomplishment, working to relative profit, in the best prospective way, that extra time. Many guys have missed the opportunity of promotion, increase incomes because they have declined the value of that.

Then I have had to institute my selling home business. One thing I can say: I do not miss anything of all the shots I never take on Internet marketing. Taking action toward what I wanted it has made me free to go on the success target.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
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Friday, June 29, 2007

Fear And Courage In Starting A Work At Home Online

For some studious the fear is a creation of the proper man. It is something that we learn in our culture. It has a phrase that it says that the luck favors the audacious, the courageous ones, and it retracts the shy, the fearful ones.

Fear is a contrast felling of courage. What is the relationship with these two feelings and Internet marketing?

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Full Time And Part Time On Internet Marketing

Many people are investigating the Internet asking it is possible to make a full time living on the Internet? I am not a full time Internet marketing yet. I am learning everything about home based work part time.

However during all these months I have learned web business is an increasing trend in the businesses world in this beginning of century XXI.

People that are making full time living on the Internet make a few bucks a month selling things around a small business web site. It comes from Ebay, AdSense, selling used and new books from Amazon, from affiliated programs and others.

The rules of a work at home online are the same jobs offline universal rules. To make money online demands hard work and a strategic home based work plan. Have you got one?

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
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Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Attitude Survey On Internet Marketing

Every sort of a lifestyle demands for money in our modern word. Your dreams maybe are not like the speculative selling books dreams. And it demands money too. Of course whether you are considering starting a work at home online you are thinking to make extra income.

I have pleasure in working with Internet marketing. I think that this new form to earn money is amused; we make new friendships and build interesting partnerships. However, I and all Internet marketers we are in this business to make money. I also believe that you.

So how a newbie makes its Internet marketing as new way of make money online and simultaneously to find a new lifestyle? I must take into consideration that I will not speak specific contents, but alternative behaviors of how to process the thought to deal everyday with the opening a new Internet marketing for small business challenges. It is important for who is starting a new business online.

At an online home based business your attitude could be bad, good, indifferent, melancholy, excited, and so on. For example my attitude to get up six at the morning, to turn on my computer and write this article is an important strategic I have defined my business. My mainly attitude is my action on writing.

A positive attitude and consequently action is in many cases more important than the formal education, than past, than money, than regular or irregular circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people suppose or say or do.

Whether you consider to starting a new online business the first step of a positive attitude is to take a decision. The remarkable thing is we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.

But your capacity of taking a strong decision is definitely important to your success. Everything starts from a human being interaction process. In the alleged case of the virtual learning processes, where it has been the Internet marketing learning majority, the initial interactions are among you and yourself, your dreams, your personal belief. That is why a strong decision is important.

You see the point here is how are you reacting to the things are going on in your life? To start a work at home online is just another challenger and it will get your force, your energy and your positive attitude.

You go to have interaction with a machine on Internet marketing. It is different of conventional education, where the interactions between educators and students, and the students and themselves promote the permanently motivation. In the self instruction online the amazing success of the student depends over all, on the apprentice motivation and its conditions of work.

Your attitude will affect every outcome in your life. Then, you must take action. You are motivated; you have gotten a business online plan and now just do it. You can believe me with that positive attitude you will control your future.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
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Do you know the relationship between Internet marketing and MLM?

Are you ready to make a residual income? Do you have a plan for that? Are you looking for a solid opportunity?

If you go on Google and make a search for home business or any other keyword referring to a work from home, you will see these sort of query all the time. Actually, all those inquire are strategies from Internet marketers to reach your attention. They are advertisement.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is A Plug In Profit Site A Good Way To Make Money Online?

I just can say yes. But do you know what a plug in a profit site is? Or do really know how to make money online?

A Plug in profit site is only a website you provide for yourself, domain name and hosting an account along with your affiliate ID for the Internet hottest selling products. You will get a setup in an early replay. It is very easy!

I have been too eager to find a new way to make extra money. And I have been searching on Internet a system that anyone can use to make money on the Internet no matter what a mine level of experience.

I did not know anything about how to play a website. My challenger has been to start an online home based business without no study about HTML or any computer language. There was just one thing I have been though: earn money from the Internet.

The Plug in profit site I have found related works with the UPnP system. It is the Plug and Play technology. It is a technology for dynamically attaching devices to a computer directly.

According to the book: The world is flat: a brief history of the twenty first century, from Thomas Friedman, the convergence of technology has been the most crucial development of the world twenty years from now. It had changed the way and the velocity of making money around the world. The world has gotten too small, what make us to run faster in order to stay in place.

My personal query for myself when I has found this book was: how to make money online? The entire world is transforming. We know time is money. And the money is not the same one as the world nineteen years, or even the world twenty years.

So I have been thinking in a true blueprint that allows anyone to set up some business online, including myself. Something that is automated profit and do not require specific computer abilities.

I just know I have been not the only guy looking for it. It is considered that they have been almost 676 million people in the whole world that have had quick access to the Internet already, and, in this year, the worldwide commerce around the complex net will reach the trillions of a dollar. I can conclude there are many people around thoroughly investigating for new ways to earn money.

But a Plug in profit site is not sufficient. You must learned how to promote a website. In other words, free web site templates are great when you have a short budget. However, it is limited to show your personal entrepreneur and to sell with complete assurance. It is important to you start a work at home online hosting your own domain name.

You must know ordinary people are earning extraordinary money working from home on the Internet. Your particular purpose with your new web site is to making money, right?

The more you get to know about a Plug in profit site, more chances you will have for making money online. When you know to make a good choice, that is, when you get a pretty host and a look web site, you will be ready to start to make money online.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Make Money On Computer

In 2006 I was too eager to find a new way to make extra money. I have been on Internet for a little time during the day, just to send and receive e-mail and make some academic research.

My shortly experiences with affiliate programs did not give any profound instruction of how to be competitive on online home based business. Because of that I committed some errors and I would like to describe them here so that you can prevent to commit them also.

There are a lot of sales pages online remarkably offering you mainly easy way to make money. On the other hand, these sales pages are seductive, writings well and they really reach our attention. In fact they in do not leave us to think very carefully and they launch high challenges so that we must be fast in the purchase of the issue. The product can in such a way be one book or an affiliation to some program of marketing multi level.

With that not in a mind we can be easy fall in a trap. How can you avoid doing that? You must thing first at your effective plan. It can help in two things: first you will not spend a lot of money, time and energy in something that do not give you substantial information to your investment.

Second, you will not spend a lot of money, time and energy in an affiliate program that do not give you substantial support for your learning.

Consider you are newbie and you have been very little or no required abilities on Internet. You will must an excellent support going on with your enterprise and make your dream full fill.

You must look for quality of products, good customer support and mainly, whether you consider an affiliate program, high commissions pay out.

Another thing you should consider is whether you are starting selling one product because you want to make money online anyway, or you really use and approve it. Is it useful for you and for your future costumers? Should you be an upper testimony person about the benefices of this product?

One thing that lets me be in peace with myself is that all the work at home online business I have been developed it have been done with the maximum enthusiasm I have gotten. It is intense and it makes me work hard. Yes to start a work at home online demands hard work at the beginning. There are many things to learn to be competitive.

Another thing is: what to do when you have no idea about the new business?

I can say you Internet marketing is not classroom learning. At a conventional learning, to go to the school and to dedicate it a period of time in structuralize place, following social cultural and educational rules, is part of the life of everybody that have the opportunity to be frequent a scholar institution. This reality, however, comes moving. The school, the house of the pupil and the world are going to constitute the places of the Education.

A newbie at Internet Marketing will have to dedicate some time to learn about online home based business and this constantly study is not a conventional one. It is bidirectional intercommunication without the physical presence of who is teaching, where the newbie will go to be part of a pedagogical process of high technology, in an educative online process.

Thus you must participate at forums, writing emails to your support and pay attention on your competitive market.

To finish I would like to say that this is the best business to work from the proper house. But all the care is little for who really is interested in making money online.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
work at home online .


Mind Your Own Work At Home Online

Home business opportunities are on the increase. It can be viewed at any newspaper. Small online home based business opportunities are just as plentiful as large home business opportunities.

An entrepreneur interested in home business opportunities will want to make sure the home based business opportunities are legitimate and profitable. But the challenger is how to starting the better working at home online.

Well the first thing is to make a searching where you can find the links to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality. It can provide information on home business opportunities and their financial history.

Looking for online home business opportunities is simple. Once home online home based business opportunities have been thoroughly researched, the person interested in the online home business opportunities should start as soon as possible. With all online home business opportunities, it is important that the entrepreneur be interested in the learning process system it has to support every newbie.

Many websites offer home business supports or can be direct you to an URL that have some assistance available.

One excellent available support is to participate of a forum. It is one of the best tools for newbie. The forums are places that can be considered as a database. There it is filed historical people posts of who had made of its doubts a process of data formatting that can be shared with that they have access.

Whether you have been just had been starting your new online enterprise to participate of a forum is to get access to a training ground for thousands of up and coming Internet marketers. It is a place to share ideas, find suitable answers, make friends and create partnerships.

Remember that the first step towards online home based business opportunities is the hardest. This requires realizing much hard work. It can remove you from the daily drudgeries of working in an office.

However it does not mean you will have much more free time. The difference is you will be working by your own hands. You will mind your own work at home online according with your setting appointments.

The entrepreneur is himself who take action to get its proper knowledge now days. Beyond dominating some knowledge, its responsibility and sense of community to this knowledge is vital for its success. In other words, the change of entrepreneur attitude will be basic for the change of the system. New progress criteria are in game, based in the self trust human development and growth.

With a work at home online, you can improve your lifestyle and reach your monetary dreams. It depends on you.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
work at home online .


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Searching For A Work At Home Online

When you make a comprehensive exploration for home business on Google, Yahoo or MSN web sites, what do you expect to find? What really are you looking for?

There are others similar keywords phrases such as work from home, make money online that show the same reality: there is a target marketing out there that is huge. The keyword home business for example, it is appearing on Google with more than 2 billions web pages using this phrase.

The home based business online have been grown at last year, maybe last month or week. That increasing means that the competitiveness has been raised up. The matter here is why is it going on?

The aware truth is most people have no exactly a clue about a massive revolution that has already begun and have been changed everything online.

There are a lot of men and women, young and old people purchasing their computer and connecting to the net. On the other hand, many people definitely want or are looking for an opportunity online. These two facts are becoming different the way to make money on the Internet.

If you are correctly pondering to starting an online home based business, part or full time, I will suggest paying attention on two things. First firmly stay close with your budget. Try everything free to learn about Internet marketing.

My own experience has proven me that. When I have started my work at home online I took my credit card and I begun to by many a usefully information. It is very common to a newbie and if you can to prevent this type of expenditure you will go to save money to earn safer investments.

The second one is that could help a lot is to participate at forums. It is one of the best tools for newbie. The forums are places that can be considered as a database. There it is filed historical people posts of who had made of its doubts a process of data formatting that can be shared with that they have access.

Therefore anyone who dreams to have a new income home online business has believed that there is not a real and effective work at home guide. You need to make your own by yourself. And be sure, when you participate of forums you will be on the way.

In a nutshell, if you really consider to making money online I can tell you there are a lot of strategies to constantly study. Even if you have not much money or do not have online skills, I can tell you it is absolutely right you can make money online. You have to be patient and be prepared to work hard. It is necessary to assume you will demand period to learn about this new business area and starting making money with less than one hundred dollars a month.

Wolney H Filho is an Internet based, home business entrepreneur in Brazil. Visit his
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Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is The Work At Home Niche A Good One To Start In

We have below some good ideas from Jeff Schuman about online home based business. Mr. Schuman has a success online career and here he is talking about pros and cons we have to consider to starting a new work at home online.

Is The Work At Home Niche A Good One To Start In

by Jeff Schuman

One of the most searched phrases on the internet every month is work at home. When you throw in home business, earn money, how to make money online, and other similar keyword phrases you have a target market that is huge.

This can be good and it can be bad if that is the market on you are trying to make money in. Here are 4 pros and cons of targeting the work at home crowd.


1. This is a never ending supply of people who come online everyday wanting to work at home

2. There is a need. In any market you should have a product that services a need and that their is interest in or a desire for.

3. There are a lot of products and programs you can offer people that will help teach them that you can make good money selling.

4. You really can help people.


1. The people who come online do not have any money therefore they can not buy products that you sell in this niche

2. Many people who come online do not possess the skills to work at home or start a home business. How about yourself?

3. Most people are to lazy to work hard enough to learn how to do internet marketing. Therefore they start and quit over and over again never making any money.

4. This is a very competitive niche as there are already many big name gurus you will be competing with.

This is a good comparison of what you are up against if you decide to make money or work at home and target the very people that you are one of. Because of the competition it may take you a while to actually make money. You have to ask yourself how long can you go without some checks coming in.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his network marketing website for the best network marketing tips, training, mlm blog and mlm opportunities.

Visit This Site for more information about a work at home online.


Friday, June 22, 2007

The Exact Blueprint A Stay-At-Home Mom With Two Small Kids

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

History of Search Engine Optimization

I have the pleasure to present at this work at home online blog one of the top online home based business, Jeff Casmer. He has a success online career and here he is with an article about history of seo optimization.

Everyone who creates one web site and desire to make money online must pay attention to seo optimization. It is one of the traditional and very important knowledge for whom is considering to start a new work at home online.

History of Search Engine Optimization

by Jeff Casmer

If you’ve been a web marketer for a while you’re undoubtedly obsessed with search engine optimization. If you are new to the net marketing game you will quickly join the craze.

Search engine optimization is the art and science of making web pages attractive to search engines. And a decade ago it was a much simpler craft to master. Here is a snapshot history of seo optimization.

Around 1994 WebCrawler came out and Yahoo was released. A few months later, Lycos and another dozen search tools joined in to sort out the web. It was at this time the search engine content providers were optimizing the pages. All a webmaster had to do, at this period, was to provide a URL to a search engine and a web crawler from that search engine would crawl the page.

The web crawler would extract links from the webpage and use the information to index the page by downloading the page and then storing it on the search engine’s server. After the page was stored on the search engine’s server a second program, called an indexer, extracted additional information from the webpage, and determines the weight of specific words. Once all this was completed the page was ranked.

Basically once you figured out what keywords you wanted to rank on, you put it in your title, you stuffed them in your Meta Tags, and you added them on your page, and then you were done. You didn’t even have to worry if the keywords you loaded on your page related to your product. And so began the, “I must be ranked number one” frenzy among net-preneurs

As the history of seo optimization continued to unfold, search engines became wise and decided to take keyword spamming away by using incoming links to your site to evaluate the importance of the site. This was largely due to the emergence of Google and the PageRank Algorithms. This new method of ranking pages made Google very popular and highly talked about.

But you can’t cheat a cheater for long, and with the advent of page rank came a new form of spamming. People began to buy links from one another and swapped links in mass quantities.

Search engines once again were forced to buckle down. The focus was no longer on just links but the quality of links. Were they relevant to web sites theme? To continue to help discourage abuse by webmasters several search engines will not disclose the algorithms they use when ranking web pages.

Typically though, the signals used today in search engine optimization include the following: keywords in the title, link popularity, keywords in links pointing to the page, PageRank (Google), keywords that appear in the visible text, links from on page to the inner pages, and placing punch line at the top of the page.

Getting your website indexed is not difficult. Getting a decent ranking however, is not as simple as it used to be. While registering a webpage or website on a search engine merely requires a link from a site already indexed in Google’s case, or the discloser of a small fee as with some other search engines high ranking is not guaranteed.

Resource Box:

Jeff Casmer is an award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Earn Money at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to start, maintain, and prosper with your very own Work at Home Business in the 21st century.

I would like to Thank you Jeff Casmer for your article. For more online home based business information visit:

The Overview Of Empowerism.

By Juhani Tontti

Empowerism was established by Life, Education And Prosperity Inc. ( Georgia, USA ) in 1998. The idea of Empowerism is to offer high-quality internet home business for the people like you, who want to start internet home business.

The Internet business opportunities have never been more promising, the internet home business, worth $ 129 billion per year, is growing by over 20 % globally.

From the very beginning Empowerism has concentrated to offer the best training courses for the home business opportunity of it`s members. This makes it easy to make multiple stream of ”business opportunity” income with your free profit site.

The Home Internet Business Ideas Of Empowerism Are In The Compensation Plan

Every internet home business opportunity marketer is mostly interested in the compensation plan and rapid payments, when he / she is looking for the internet business opportunity.

3 x 9 Forced Matrix With The Compression To Infinity.

When you`ll start internet home business opportunity with Empowerism, you will earn residual income of $ 1 per month for every affiliate, who you have personally sponsored.

The best part of Empowerism`s internet home business is, that The Matrix has 29.529 positions available.

Compression to infinity comes into play, when there are holes in your Matrix and you´ll get new affiliates from the affiliates above you see The Matrix, click here

$ 6 Monthly Bonus, A Part Of The Multiple Stream Of Internet Income

A nice part of the business opportunities of Empowerism is the $ 6 you`ll earn every time your affiliate will renew the subscription. By their free Empowerism profit sites, marketing tools and the best courses of the home business opportunities, they are happy to do that.

$ 20 Fast Start Bonus, Your Weeekly Commission.

We all business opportunity marketers love to get paid quickly, like Empowerism Fast Start Bonus does, paid every Monday for all new business opportunities` affiliates, you have sponsored during the previous week. And there is no limit how many you can collect.

When you start internet home business with Empowerism, you can make a residual income, maybe $ 50 a month, an extra $ 1.000 or you can skip your daily work and start your own whole day business opportunity with a free Empowerism profit site.

How Many Internet Home Business Opportunities You Know, Which Overdeliver In Quality?

The first question, which you as a new affiliate will do is, where should you start your internet home business opportunity. The answer is easy: go to the Training Center. Empowerism Training is planned to offer the most effective business opportunity ideas, even to challence Google.

A Lively Internet Home Business

To run your business opportunity successfully, you better visit the Warrior Forum, where you`ll get the internet home business ideas and tips to make multiple stream of internet income. More details about Empowerism, visit FAQ.

Promote Your Own Internet Business With 50 Free Leads Per Month

To be able to promote your internet home business opportunities properly, Empowerism gives you 50 fresh leads every month for your optin email list marketing. On the top of all above benefits, you will get the monthly business opportunity magazine, Excellence.

To become Empowerism affiliate now, simply sign up here

Note! Empowerism is one of the famous Plug-In Profit Site internet home business programs.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. Got Interested? Find More Information, Ebooks And Articles For Your Empowerism Membership. Click HERE!


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Monday, June 18, 2007

Review of

by Suzanne Morrison (NOC) is a division of Carson Services, the parent company of the well known affiliate program, SFI (Strong Future International).

The primary aim of NOC is to provide offers for consumers to save money on products and services both online or offline, anywhere in the world.

This review of NOC will explain what NOC is about, how it can benefit consumers, affiliates and merchants, what the costs are, what the drawbacks are and how to sign up.

Nice Offers for Consumers

The website is a place for consumers to get discount or special offer coupons for many things which they normally buy either locally or online.

The site has a search facility to help find offers in many different categories including electronics, entertainment, flowers and gifts, advertising and marketing, books, travel and more.

You can search by state or by country and browse through a selection of offers. Once you have found an offer of interest you can tell a friend about it or enter your name and email address to have the coupon emailed to you.

Next, just visit the vendor and use your coupon, or enter the coupon code online if it is an online offer.

To search for offers just visit

Nice Offers for Merchants is a no risk method of advertising for merchants both online and offline. Registering your business on is free and works on a cost per action basis i.e. you only have to pay when someone actually uses a coupon at your store, restaurant or online business. There is no risk of paying for advertising that doesn't work

The cost to you is the discount amount for the customer + a fee known as a
bounty which you set yourself.

To register and setup a coupon just visit

Nice Offers for Affiliates

As an affiliate you have various ways to make money with NOC including:

* Referring new merchants to NOC
If you refer a new merchant to NOC you will earn commissions on every coupon that is used at that merchant for life.

* Referring consumers to NOC - You can give away coupons to your friends and family, refer people to the NOC website or advertise NOC offers on your own website or blog. Every time someone uses a coupon you
ll receive a portion of the bounty offered by the merchant.

Anyone can sign up as an affiliate of SFI for free and start promoting NOC straight away. SFI also provides merchant prospecting packs including professional postcards, letters and leaflets to attract new merchants.

The Cost of Nice Offers is free to join for affiliates and free to use for consumers. It is also free for merchants to list their business and they need only pay a fee when a sale is made.

Disadvantages of Nice Offers

At the moment, although is an international opportunity and can be used by affiliates, consumers and merchants worldwide, the majority of the offers on the site at present are US focused.

The marketing material supplied by SFI also tends to be US specific, with 1-800 numbers on their offline promotional material.

How to Sign Up

Consumers and Merchants should visit

Affiliates should visit

About the Author:

Suzanne Morrison works from home on the internet full time. She is an affiliate of SFI and the webmaster of Business Ideas Online