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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Business From Home Best Opportunity

I received a phone call from a friend saying that he would go to leave its work of 16 years and to start a new [Tag-Tec]business from home[Tag-Tec] online. Yes, Online, or either, to sell by the Internet.

It is not newness nowadays. Thousands of people are looking new chances. And, it is clearly the businesses from home online are blowing up in 2007. It is calculated that this year will have a movement of about 8 trillions of dollar in the Internet.

The fact is: "There were 565.7 million Internet users worldwide at the end of 2002 and there will be 633.6 million at the end of 2003. This mounts to 67.9 million per year, or 5.66 million per month, and this was back in 2003!

That's 189,000 per day, 7,875 per hour, 131.25 per minute, or 2.2 new internet users every second of the day worldwide, translating to a new Internet user going online every .45 seconds this year." - eMarketer March 2003.

But if you want to undertake new businesses online, I recommend you to read the article below.


5 Blogging Tips to Improve Your Work At Home Business

By Jeff Casmer

One of the best ways to start a work at home business is by blogging. Blogging can be an easier vehicle for earning money online. It frees you from web design and thus has become a popular option for work at home moms. On that note, this doesn’t mean that it is easy to make money from your blog.

Blogging is an activity that will take time to build up to profit level so you can not expect to see money rolling in immediately. In order to be successful at blogging, your blog needs to be user friendly, if your reader can not understand your blog or navigate through it with ease they will simply move on to the next one. Consider the following tips to make your blog more user friendly and to build up your reader base.

For starters, it’s important to differentiate between using a blog as a personal diary and using it to generate a profit. When blogging for profit you need to establish a professional presence. You want your readers to take you seriously and, regardless of your competition, you will need to have an air of expertise regarding your blog topic. You will be competing with thousands of other bloggers who write about your topic, the better your presentation the greater your success.

In order to create a positive presence from the beginning, avoid sending mixed messages. The format for most blogs are similar and provide the blogger with link tags on the left or right hand margin and in some cases on the top. It’s these links that you want to be careful with. Do not offer your readers random links for various websites. Choose your blog topic from the beginning and stick to it. Every post, link and other resources you provide to your readers should be related to your blog topic. You want to make the user experience a pleasant one; do not bombard your reader with links and ads.

Next, consider your blog template carefully. Avoid a dark background and light text if you can. The reading experience is different online and studies have shown that people process information better when the background is light and the text is dark. Also, a dark background makes the readers tire faster. Another thing to avoid, are patterned backgrounds, for the same reason as dark backgrounds.

The success of blogging relies heavily on subscribers. You want your reader to subscribe to your blog. The best way to capture subscribers is to be consistent and post regularly. With so much information available on the Internet, your readers may go elsewhere if you are not supplying daily content. If you are going through a dry spell and can’t think of anything to say try posting a poll, a link to another blog, comment on a news story or post of list of helpful tips.

Of course it is important to proofread all your posts before posting. When you are running your own work home business it’s important to be professional and credible. Nothing diminishes your credibility faster than spelling and grammar errors. Have someone look over your post for you. If no one is available, read your work out loud.

Many work at home moms are finding success in blogging. You can help to insure your blog will be readable and interesting to your visitors by following the tips provided above.


Jeff Casmer is an award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and internet marketing consultant with career sales over $25,000,000. His "Top Ranked" Work at Home Directory gives you all the information you need to Earn Money in the 21st century.

Article Source:



Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online


Monday, October 29, 2007

Money Making Models – Part VI

In this sixth part we will go to speak on how to earn money by Ezine advertising.

There is today in the Internet exclusive websites that publish announcements of companies or physical people who want to divulge its enterprises online.

These announcements can be gratuitous or paid. The paid announcements are faster propagated and perhaps in a bigger amount of times.

The important thing is the entrepreneur, who is promoting its business online, it to write an announcement that catches the attention of the customers.

But the entrepreneur can also have its proper Ezine Advertising website and to sell announcements for other entrepreneurs who want to divulge their businesses.

An important thing here requirement is that it is the necessary their website to have a good hearing, that is, it to receive a reasonable number of visitors per day.


Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online


Friday, October 26, 2007

Money Making Models – Part V

In this fifth part we will go to speak on how to earn money with its website.

All the SEO - Optimization Search Engine Gurus says that from the moment where its website will be with the equivalent 500 visitors/day you will have a good [Tag-Tec]business from home[/Tag-Tec] online in your hands.

The question here is to create traffic to your Home Page and to offer good content to your visitors.

Ok, but how to [Tag-Tec]earn money online[/Tag-Tec] with this?

It has some forms:

  • You can sell banners space for enterprise.
  • You can create an area for classified ads.

Why some entrepreneurs would pay to publish banners or announcements in your site? It is simple. Your website has an audience hearing that it can be reverted in future customers.

That is easy to understand. We go to assume that your website has 500 visitors for one day. For example, if it 10% to click in propaganda and announcements, it will have 50 clicks in potential. If it 10% of the clicks to revert in selling, this mean 5 not badly selling per day for a Home Page. Imagines the same propaganda in 10, 100 websites?

It is marketing power. You think about that!


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online


Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online


Monday, October 22, 2007

Money Making Models – Part IV

Now we will go to deal about your participation on forums.

Forums are virtual surrounding, free communities, where you can become a member and start to participate of the matter lies at issue by its members.

You can also start new thematic ones of yours interest. The important thing here is that in the measure where you display your ideas, you it starts to be known. This brings benefits for your businesses, therefore other people start to respect your ideas and, consequently, it to know better you and what your business from home online.

In some forums, it has still the possibility of you to place in your signature one link for its website. This is one of the gratuitous forms to divulge your business.


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online


Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online


Friday, October 19, 2007

Make Money Website – Part III

We go to treat now about the affiliation programs. In this model you will to sell other' people products. However, you will not need to invest in acquiring products. You will only go to resell it.

Everything you need to do is to look for one affiliate program you like to, to become a member and to start to divulge your new business.

When you become a member of an affiliation program, you will have your own code (ID and password), which you edit in your website or blog to be able to promote it online.

When someone clicks in your link and makes a purchase, it can be throughout your reseller product or affiliated member link, it will go to generate a monthly bond for life, while you and this new person will be active in the business.

The main points of this model are:

  • You will not go to gain money overnight;
  • It is basic to promote and to divulge the business so that other people can become affiliated throughout you.
  • It is basic to sell the company products which you are affiliated.


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online


Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Make Money Website – Part II

In this second part, the indication is for the entrepreneurs who do not have the proper product, but can be peddling of products from other people.

Perhaps it is an easier form of selling your own product. You just buy the product rights resale, perhaps you become an affiliated of a determined company, and so you to start to sell immediately.

There is some business from home companies online that they offer these opportunities. But how does it work? It is simple! You handle a code of the product, insert it in its website or blog and when people, having access its site in the Internet, they click in the product, and they purchase it you gain a percentage.

Through this model you gain time and start to test which products you have better markets in the Internet. That is interesting, in the case you future wants to launch your proper product.


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Make Money Website – Part I

We go to start here a series of posts about how to make money website by a business from home

The first step to you to start one make money website is to decide if you will go to commercialize its proper product or of third one.

When the commercialization to deal with its proper product you will have more control on the quality, price, as well as the possibility of other people to sell your product for you.

Through business online, you can vender its products throughout credit card and order specialized companies to do the delivery. This becomes your business safe for you and for your customer.

What sort of product can be sold online? Generally, they are not perishable products, and they can be a safe transported and without losses. However, what it is more common to see being sold online are information through e-books.

In this case, if you have good ideas about any product, and you have been writing abilities, you must an as soon as possible as possible runs and to write it and to start to sell it online.


Dotcomology - The Science of Making Money Online

Wolney H Filho can help you to start a work at home online

Saturday, October 13, 2007

All You Need To Know About Content And Search Engines

Every newbie, with small budget to start a work at home online, they need to create content to them website. Content brings traffic, and traffic brings costumers. It is a mathematical formula on business from home online.

Then, they have two problem:

  1. to create content
  2. to have their content being filtered by search engines

How to create content? It is simple! You can write articles and to publish it on articles directories.

That is ok, but I don’t use to write anything, neither articles, you say. No problem, you can use content syndication. What is that? In a nutshell, you use other people’s articles.

However, you must pay attention on duplicated content. Below is an article from Jonathan Leger. He deals about how you can use content syndication and having your own content being filtered by search engines.

Is your content being filtered by search engines?

Content syndication is nothing new–newspapers and magazines have been reusing other people's quality content for a long time.

But a few years ago somebody decided that this should be open to anybody who wanted to write, and the web made it possible. Now Article Syndication is a very popular way to establish yourself as an expert on any topic, not to mention get loads of links into your website for free.

However, the problem was that search engines would rank each copy of the article exactly the same, and so the search results started showing the same results (only on different websites) when people searched.

This did not last long. Google was the first to create what is commonly called a "duplicate content filter". This filter is responsible for recognizing two pages as being too similar and ignoring the copy while favoring the original. It worked well, and now all major search engines now employ a duplicate content filter.

This is a problem for people who are wanting to use syndicated content to generate search engine traffic to their websites. If you do nothing more than copy and paste articles from free-to-use article sites and slap them on your website, you will most surely not get any traffic from search engines because of the duplicate content filters.

But there are a few ways to beat this filter and still generate traffic from syndicated articles and other content. And there is a serious side effect of these filters that you need to be aware of. I'll tell you about that first.

The Serious Side Effect Of Duplicate Content Filters

Ok, let's say that you write a great article on your website topic, Green Widgets. It's a really good article that you are proud of, so you immediately put it up on your website and then go submit it to a number of article submission sites.

Sounds great, right? You'll get lots of links to your website for sure, and that will help you ranking. No problems then, right?


The truth is that the major article directories are very popular, and are crawled very, very often by the search engines because of that.

So it is quite likely, unless you have a very popular site yourself, that the search engines will find the article at the article directory BEFORE they find it at your site.

Are you seeing the problem yet? Because the search engine found the article at somebody else's site first, they will consider your website's copy the duplicate–even though you put it on your site before submitting it to those directories!

So it is very important that you make sure that your new article page is indexed in the major search engines BEFORE you submit it to the article sites.

You can verify that the page has been indexed by simply doing a search at each engine for the URL of your article. If doing a search returns your page title and a short snippet, then it's indexed. If you get a "no matches found" type of error, then it's not in there yet.

To ensure that your article gets indexed more quickly, get links to it from other sites. Also, have a link to your new article on your home page, and a short snippet about the article.

This is good anyway since your visitors will see that you're updating the site with new material, but it's also good because a search engine will hit your home page more often than any other page of your site, so having a link on the home page is a great way of getting that new article noticed and indexed.

Beating the Duplicate Content Filters

Beating the duplicate content filters really isn't very difficult, it just requires a little work on your part for each article you want to use.

You need at least 25%-30% unique content on the page in addition to the syndicated article. Now, with most syndicated articles you can't modify them, so you'll have to get that extra content from somewhere else.

There are two methods you can use to make sure the page is seen as unique:

  1. Write an introductory paragraph that summarizes the article, and place the article beneath the summary. Then write a concluding paragraph and place that paragraph below the article.

This is useful for a number of reasons, not just the duplicate content filter. The summary helps the visitor know if the article is what they're looking for before they start to read it, and the conclusion can be used to point them to other articles in the same subject area that the visitor might find useful.

  1. Use RSS feeds or other syndicated content to make the page as a whole appear unique to the search engines.

This works great if you can find a good RSS feed that is related to the topic of the article since it provides more quality information for your visitors. It's also good because RSS feeds get updated, so you are always offering fresh content to your visitors.

The problem with RSS feeds is that you are sending visitors away from your site, and that may not be what you want to do. Also, if you use RSS feeds, be sure not to use JavaScript feeds, because search engines don't see text on your page that is put there by JavaScript. You need to make sure that when you view the source code of your page that the RSS feed text is visible directly in the source code.

Either one of these two methods works well, though if you have the time to make the effort of writing your own summary and conclusion paragraphs, I recommend you use that method. It is the best way to ensure uniqueness and to keep your visitors where you want them: on your site.

Summing It All Up

Syndicated articles can be a great source of content for your site. It's beneficial because it makes your site appear "bigger"–you have multiple authors writing content for your site instead of just one.

It's great because you don't have to write the content yourself, which saves you a lot of time and energy.

But you need to be aware that search engines WILL filter that content if you just copy and paste what's available at an article directory. You need 25%-30% unique content on each page to beat the filters, and that means writing some extra text above and below the article or using related RSS feeds.

Your goal should not just be to beat the filters, though. Your goal should be to improve the quality and helpfulness of your site as it relates to your visitors. That's the best way to keep people coming back and clicking those AdSense ads.


Jonathan Leger is a well known AdSense and Internet Marketing guru. Get $371 in free gifts by visiting his AdSense Articles blog.


Well, I think you can see I am using this method here. It is useful and it has some logical. And, as you can see too, I was not using this method before. And it has had its consequence.

My website was not been filtered well by search engines. I am not an expert and I don’t have any problem with that. Why? It is because I consider myself as a newbie.

It is important to you know. I use to share what I learn. I believe what I learn I earn. And I believe too that if I offer content like that at my website I can help anyone, like me, that it is looking for ways to make money online.

Many Gurus online use to say content is everything. I think so, because when I am searching for something online I like to find good content to my queries. Haven’t you?

Hence it follows that there is no problem on using another people articles, since you can not just duplicate it. You can follow these steps:

1. you make a search for an article you would like to publish on your website

2. you read it.

3. write your own comments, as it was sad in the article above

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 Most Popular Money-Making Models On The Internet

By Ewen Chia

One of the biggest problems people have before beginning their internet business is simply this:

They are not certain of which business model to go for.

If you are not yet sure what you want to do to make money online, here are the 7 most popular money-making models you can copy:

1. Sell Your Own Products

Selling your own products has got to be one of the best routes to take. Other than not limiting yourself over the control of the product, the price, the quality, you can also have other people sell your products for you as an affiliate.

Leveraging on other people’s efforts is key to your advancement in any internet business you’re in.

If you are going to sell your own products, make sure you have good sales copy. This is because the sales letter will decide whether you’re going to sell 1 or 1000s of your product.

2. Become a Reseller

This has got to be one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. You invest some money in purchasing the resale rights licenses to other people’s products and you start selling it almost immediately.

Using this model, not only can you save time, you can also test the waters first before venturing into your own products.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In this model you are also selling other people’s products. However as an affiliate you wouldn’t need to invest any money upfront at all.

To start making affiliate commissions, all you have to do is sign up for any affiliate program which you’re interested in, and start promoting it in your market.

If people buy the affiliate product through your affiliate link, you make the commissions set by the affiliate owner. Although you wouldn’t need to invest anything upfront, most of the time an affiliate have no control over the sales process of a product.

4. Virtual Real Estates

Storming the Internet Marketing industry currently are the infamous Virtual Real Estates(VRE). Creating VRE websites means that you’re most probably going to make money through web content, Google AdSense, pay-per-click programs and affiliate programs.

A major advantage of VREs is you can make longer term profits which continue to grow everyday. This will be true as you INCREASE your web content and optimize your website for the search engines correctly.

5. Forums

People love to talk, discuss ideas and generally hang out with like-minded folks. Forums can be extremely profitable because you can monetize the repeat traffic they generate.

People who participate in discussion boards are probably regulars who visit often, giving you opportunities for endorsing a product repeatedly to them. You can also earn a lot of Google AdSense income from your members.

6. Web Space Advertising

If you have a website with extremely high traffic, one of the best ways to profit from it is simply to sell your web space to other people.

How do you accomplish this? All you need to do is sell advertisement on your website for a period of time, for example 30 days. These can be in the form of banner ads, classified ads or text link ads.

7. Ezine Advertising

People are constantly searching for related ezines to advertise in, and if you have a good ezine, selling advertising is a big possibility. You can sell a classified ad, a top sponsor ad or a solo ad in your ezine.

If ezine advertising suits your taste, what you need to do is build a huge list of responsive subscribers in your niche. This will not only attract advertisers, but you can also sell advertising space direct to your existing subscribers.

You can apply any of these 7 model to your internet business and make real money online. For more information, check out my resource box below...

Ewen Chia is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and super affiliate marketer. Visit his blog now to discover more online money-making secrets!


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Help! I've Got Internet Marketing Information Overload!

by Suzanne Morrison

Do you ever suffer from information overload? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at that overstuffed inbox, or feel like you will never know enough to succeed in your internet marketing or home business? Every day you are bombarded with new pieces of information, emails to read and answer, new reports and e-books to download, courses to purchase, training to go through, communication for affiliate programs you have joined, forum posts to read or the next “guru” telling you that you have to buy their product.

If this is a problem for you, you are not alone! It is very common for people to feel overwhelmed when they try to start their own internet business or get involved in internet marketing to make some extra money online. I felt the same way when I started out over three years ago. The good news is that this feeling will lessen over time. Now and then I still feel that old familiar feeling of information overload sinking in, but it certainly not as severe as it was when I first started out.

Here are some tips to help you get on your way to feeling like a normal person again…

(1) Accept that you will never know everything. You don’t need to know everything about internet marketing and it is unlikely that you ever will. Your knowledge will increase over time naturally, but don’t beat yourself up about your lack of knowledge. Take a deep breath and don’t let yourself feel overwhelmed or in a panic about this.

(2) Keep your Email Organised – this is extremely important. In the information age we are bombarded by emails. Some emails are for information only and others are from people who often expect an immediate reply. The best thing to do here is to create folders in your email program for different types of emails. For example I have folders for receipts, invoices, download links, affiliate program communications, login information etc. When you are reading your email you can file emails into the appropriate folder instead of feeling the need to read them instantly. For example you may have just joined an affiliate program and they are sending you tips by email. You may find this information useful, but you are not ready for all these tips yet. If this is the case just file these emails in a folder and study them at a point in the future when you are ready.

(3) Keep a To-Do list – it is always helpful to put together some sort of plan or “to-do” list. I have a master list with everything that I want to do in the long term and I also have a list of things that I would like to do in the near future e.g. for the next week or fortnight. If I think of something new, which is not urgent I add it to my master list rather than my short term list. This helps to prevent me from becoming distracted and keeps me focused on the things that are immediately important.

(4) Learn to use the Unsubscribe link – sounds very obvious, but how many newsletters or ezines are you subscribed to? Are you getting value from them? Do you have the time to read them? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then click on that unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email!

(5) Consider Outsourcing – it’s not possible to be an expert in everything. For example, I am good at building and updating websites, but I am useless at creating graphics and using photo or graphic editing software. Rather than spend hours trying to learn these skills I pay someone to create graphics for my site. You can outsource people to write articles for you, design websites, update your website, write your sales copy and more. Concentrate on the things that you are good at (or that you enjoy and want to be good at) and this will help ease the pain of information overload.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath, realise that you are not alone in feeling this and read these 5 tips to help you get back on track.

About the Author:
Suzanne works full time from home on the internet and blogs regularly on her
Internet Business Ideas Blog and her Plug-In Profit Site Blog

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Common AdSense Mistakes

By Jon Leger

In my experience with thousands of my AdSense Gold customers, I've noticed that new AdSense publishers tend to make the same mistakes. I made them too when I was new to AdSense.

I've decided to discuss 3 of the big mistakes with you so that you can have a head start and avoid these AdSense pitfalls. They are:

  1. Selecting the wrong topics
  2. Having too many topics on the same site
  3. Trying to make a quick buck with bad traffic

Selecting The Wrong Topics

When I first started out with AdSense, I was one eager beaver. I wanted to create as many pages as I could, and I didn't care what topic they were about as long as it wasn't adult or gambling.

I put up a site on Old Time Radio Shows, and I was excited to see that I made a few dollars a month with it. What I didn't realize at the time is that my $0.10 clicks were the bottom of the proverbial AdSense barrel in terms of earnings.

I didn't know then that it paid to research the good, high paying topics. So I just put up sites on whatever I could think of that seemed easy to rank for in the search engines.

I was shooting myself in the foot! Once I realized that I could do a little keyword research and find out how much the keywords were worth, then I started focusing on the higher paying niches and started seeing the $1, $2, $5, $10 clicks and up. I don't get that much with every click, but often enough to keep me very happy!

So research your topics first using the AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool, or a good high paying keywords list such as Keyword Explosion.

Too Many Topics on One Site

Another mistake I see newbies make very often (and I made myself when I was a newbie) is having too many topics put on one website. I've seen sites that target everything from alphalpha to Zoro!

That's a bad idea for two main reasons:

  1. It makes it hard to optimize your site.

You want your domain name to be targetted to the topic of the site (a great search engine optimization technique). If you have every manner of topic on the site, you can't do this and lose out on the power that a great domain name can have with the search engines.

  1. Google's Smart Pricing doesn't like it.

If you're not familiar with it, SmartPricing is what Google uses to figure out how much your page is worth in relation to the ads showing on the page. The more Smart Pricing likes your pages, the more you will get paid per click.

One of the things I've seen with Smart Pricing is that it likes tightly focused, targetted sites. You might have a lot of pages on one site, but they need to be related to each other.

"But I can't afford more than one domain right now," you might protest.

If that's the case, the best thing you can do is to create subdomains for each of the categories that your site targets.

For example, if you have a site that targets "alphalpha" and "Zoro", have two subdomains:

Do not have the subdomains link to each other either. That way Google seems them as seperate "mini-sites".

Be Careful What Kind of Traffic You Send To Your Sites

Not all traffic sources are created equal. There are a lot of sites out there selling "one hundred thousand visitors to your site for $49.95!" and the like.

What most of these sites do is use software to "simulate" a visit to your site. They are not real people. I've tested this extensively with a couple of vendors who sell this kind of traffic, and not once have I ever gotten any "real" people.

The problem is that sometimes those bots goof and "click" the ads by following the links.

Google sometimes sees those clicks as fraudulent, and many a new AdSense publisher has lost his account because of it.

So beware of shady or "too good to be true" traffic promises, they will only hurt you!

Focus on search engine optimization and link trading, that's where you're going to get the most bang for your buck.

For more details on how to optimize the pages on your site so that the search engines just love them, read my free ebook, AdSense SEO Made Easy.

Jonathan Leger is a well known AdSense and Internet Marketing guru. Get $371 in free gifts by visiting his AdSense Articles blog.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Internet Marketing Strategies - Work Start From Within You

By Cheow Yu Yuan

We are not going to discuss about the typical internet marketing strategies like ways to drive traffic, how to create products, etc. I am going to share with you some important pointers that you need to know if you want to embark on the internet marketing journey.

Internet marketing is not for everyone. Not everybody likes to work at home or having to endure the time and effort that are needed to make one succeed in internet marketing. Below are some pointers that you need to take note of in order to succeed in internet marketing:

1. Ready to pay the price. Internet marketing is not a get-rich scheme. It is also not an auto-pilot effort when you are just starting out. Persistent and consistent time and effort need to put in before you can see the result and reap the rewards thereafter. A lot of people talk about auto-pilot traffic, but how to build upon it? Internet marketing is a journey, from learning about the different techniques and strategy, to driving traffic, to making it run on auto-pilot. A lot of fine tuning is needed.

2. It is not only about marketing, is business. To be successful in internet marketing, you will need to treat it as a business. Your effort and result must be quantified, and continue to fine tune it until it gives you the best result that you can ask for. Treat your marketing effort as a business, where you focus a lot on leverage and teamwork.

3. Treating internet marketing seriously. If you treat your internet marketing effort half-heartedly, you will produce mediocre results and money. Most of the time, a full-time marketers will always outperform a marketer who is just doing internet marketing part-time. I am not saying that you cannot start internet marketing part time, in fact it is a good move for many people who hold a full time job and can’t spend all his time on internet marketing. What I mean is the commitment level, even though it is part time. I will like to use the word “tenacity” here, the more tenacious you are about your effort, and you will reap the better rewards later on. It is obsession.

4. Believe in yourself. The road of internet marketing is not easy. There will be a lot of setbacks that you will take. When days without sales come along, you will lose quite a bit of morale. But do not give up; you need to believe in yourself that you can do it. Set yourself targets to hit, and I mean high but realistic targets. For example, if you think that earning a mere $1,000 per month purely online is overwhelming; you should break down the number. You will find out to earn $1,000 per month; you just need to get 1 sale of $33 per day consistently. This will make you believe it.

The rewards of internet marketing are mostly delayed gratifications. Build your techniques foundation and work on it, you will reach the light sooner or later.

Cheow Yu Yuan provides a FREE report at for all affiliate marketers.

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