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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Money Making Game

Money Making Game

A money making game is part of a system that everyone will participate when they are looking for opportunities online.

Is there any kind of money making guide out there?

Well, I think if you make a searching at Google you are going to see many opportunities. What or how to choose the best one?

At my opinion, we need information to make decisions, to choose everything at our life.

If you want to participate at the money making game, you must consider to read this article.

Money Making Tips And Strategies To Improve Your Business Cash Flow!
By Godfrey Thaxter

You started your business to make money... and to do this you
have to be always on the look out to find new ideas that will
improve your business cash flow. This can be difficult when you
work long hours, sometimes under stressful conditions, but there
are ways to overcome this.

There is no shortage of money making ideas if you pay close
attention to your customers. If you didn't get that - read it
again! This is very important and can be the deciding factor in
whether your business survives or not. If you've not been paying
close attention to this - then you need to start, RIGHT NOW!

To get a continuous supply of money making tips and ideas from
your customers, you could develop an idea competition or raffle,
where you offer a prize weekly or monthly to those who enter
with an idea.

You could even take this further by offering a grand prize to
the person whose idea you choose to use in your business. This
is powerful stuff and leads to your customers feeling as if they
are a part of your business. People enjoy the feeling of being a
part of something.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Continuing to add or improve on the products and services that
your business offer is a surefire way to increase sales. This
tells your customers that you're in this for the long haul. It
also builds trust and confidence which will inevitably improve
your business cash flow.

You can also run promotions for new products or services that
you would like to introduce into your business. This gives you
the added advantage of "market research" in identifying what
your customers are interested in and giving you the edge over
your competitors.

Build Your Business On Quality - Not Quantity

Reaching and maintaining your sales quota for a specific
selling period is very important. You are in business to make
money and if you can't accomplish your selling objective you
will not be able to maintain your business cash flow.

Before you start increasing your sales volume pay close
attention to the quality of products and services that you're
offering. Improving the quality or standard of your products or
service will have a more positive long term impact on your

Selling large quantities of inferior goods can be disastrous
for your business. You might make a lot of sales initially, but
that will not last. Offering your customers better quality
products and services will lead to more sales.

Profitability is important to your business so money making
tips and strategies needs to be a part of your daily operations,
if you want to improve your business cash flow.

Offer The Best Prices

Do your market research to find out what your competitors are
offering their products and services identical to yours for,
then offer yours at a discounted price. This strategy always
leads to increase sales.

Some customers will go out of their way to find a good bargain.
Recommendations by your present customer base can also be made
easier when others see where they can save some money. This
gives you a powerful edge over your competitors.


Advertising is very important to any business survival. The way
how you advertise will depend on the type of business that you
have; however, there are some tips that can greatly improve your
advertising efforts.

Serve your customers well. Word of mouth advertising is
powerful and maintaining a loyal customer base is a major asset
to the survival of your business. Satisfied customers will tell
others every time.

Design colorful fliers, postcards and banners keeping in mind
that kids play a very important role in the decisions their
parents make.

Offer incentives to customers who refer the most new customers
on a weekly or monthly basis, or set a fixed number and anyone
who refer that amount gets a prize.

If you don't have a lot of money to advertise just use your
imagination, get into a creative mindset and you will come up
with some great ideas.

Customer Appreciation Day

This is an excellent way of increasing sales. Set aside a
special day for this where you offer some special discounts and
refreshment, especially for new customers. This will give them
good reason to come back and at the same time they will
recommend others. This is also when you can give prizes to your
loyal customers who brought in the most guests.

When setting up this always remember the kids. You could just
hire a mascot or a clown, or set aside an area where they can
have access to toys, slides etc.

Remember, you're in business to make money, but don't get
caught up in the frenzy of that. Pay close attention to people,
develop a caring attitude towards your customers and their
families. Show them that you care. This is the most powerful
attribute that you can incorporate into your daily activities to
improve your business cash flow.

About The Author: Godfrey Thaxter is a Marketing Consultant who
provides articles, tips and resources to help new online
marketers get started right with their internet business. To
learn more about what he does please visit:

If you want more information about how to participate at the Money Making Game, you must consider to read it:

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Skyrocket your affiliate commissions- Affiliate Spy

Affiliate marketing is one of the top subjects in the internet marketing. Affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to have website, deal with customers, refunds the products and doing maintenance. Affiliate marketing is one of the best internet business and many of us can make profit from it. There are many internet marketers getting five or six figures income per month using affiliate marketing.

Ok, straight to the point, assuming that you already join into one of the affiliate program, then what is your next step? What you want to do? Getting your commission maybe double or triple your commission, right?

How you want to do that?

In this article, I want to give you some powerful tips that will skyrocket your affiliate commission overnight. This tips will help you especially newbie know the affiliate marketing and try to make some profit from it.

1. You should know and determine what the best program is and know the product to promote. This is the most important part because you will only promote the best program and gain the greatest profit at the same time. This also will gain your credibility and trust to your customer. Your customer will always buy products that got recommendation from you and you can always get repeat customer.

When determining affiliate program to join, there are many factor that have to taken into consideration. You have to choose the program that has a generous commission. You should have a target audience with the products that you choose. That affiliate program also should have good records that paying their affiliate on time. If you think that affiliate program do not increase your investment, try looking for better one.

There is hundred or even thousand affiliate program in the internet. You must be very picky when choosing one that is the best for you. Choosing the best affiliate program will help you get the maximum profit and avoid you losing money for advertising that programs.

Writing the free reports or free e books and distributes it around the internet. This is the best method that you should use when you are promoting the same affiliate program. If you writing a free report you will gain the respect from the customers

In your reports, give some valuable information for free and if possible give some recommendation about those products to your customers. With e-book, you will gain your credibility. Customers will see that product in you and they will eager to try out what you are promoting.

2. You should collect and keep the email addresses of those who download your free e-books. This is very important because it is a known fact that people do not make a purchase on the first message. You have to send more that six times message to make a sale.

When collecting all the information contact of those who download your e-book or your report, you can make follow-ups. This will make the customer feel more appreciated and remind then to buy products from you.

Always keep in mind to get the contact information about the prospect before sending them to the vendor’s website. You must always keep in mind that you are the one who providing free advertisement for the product owners and you will only get paid when there is a sale. If you send prospects directly to the vendors, you will be lost them forever if they are not interested about that product.

After you got the contact information about the prospect, you can always send them tp another marketing messages and will be able to earn ongoing commission instead of one-time sale only.

Publishing an online newsletter or Ezine it also the best method that the affiliate marketers always used. It always the best to recommend a product or services to somebody that you know rather than stranger. This method also will help you develop a relationship between your subscribers and will make them buy from you.

3. Then you should always ask for higher commission than normal commission from the merchant. If you are already success will the particular promotion, you can negotiate will the merchant about the percentage commission that you will get from your sale

The merchant will always take you into their consideration and he or she will accept and grant your request rather that lose you. You should always keep in mind that you are a zero-risk investment to your merchant and should not shy to request for the additional of your commission. You should try rather than do nothing.

Paid Per Click ads is also effective ways on the affiliate marketing. As an affiliate, you can make some profit just doing PPC campaigns such as Google Adwords and Overture. Try to monitor them and determine what ads are more effective and which are not.

As an affiliate marketer you should try out these strategies and see the differences that it can make in your next commission checks.

WAN MOHD HIRWANI WAN HUSSAIN is information publisher specialising in helping people start their own home based business and learn about affiliate marketing. You can read up on how to create your own info products in one day without writing a single word by going to

How To Turn Other Peoples Hard Work Into A Part Time And Instant Internet Business

Five Tips to Create a Profitable and Lasting Partnership

Here you will find five tips to create a profitable and lasting online joint venture partnership.

- Positive attitude

To create a profitable and lasting partnership it is essential to develop and maintain the characteristic of a positive attitude. A positive attitude is contagious while ensuring your partner has a positive attitude; this characteristic will help you both get through any difficulties. A positive attitude is an excellent means of creating future profits and a good partnership.

- Willingness to compromise and communicate

Every partnership has moments where one partner may consider a compromise, when you prepare for such moment you stay one-step ahead. Remain focused on the goal purpose of the partnership and do not become overwhelmed by the fine details that are so often over looked.

For instance, when one partner takes more than fifty percent of the income, the proposal should negotiate so that the other partner does benefit in other areas. The lines of communication should always be open, if a partner feels unhappy about any situation the expression should be in a positive manner, while also sharing when either is pleased. A healthy equilibrium is maintainable within a joint venture partnership when positive attitudes and communications abound.

- Enthusiasm in putting in fifty percent of effort

When you enter a partnership with another, it is only fair to expect to work for your part of the profit and benefits. Although if each of you can bring in a profit with little to no work then all the better for you both.

- Sticking to the plan

When you outline and agree to any particular plan with your partner, you must both be willing to stick to the plan, as to change midstream would be unfair. Keep in mind; you will also appreciate that your partner also be willing to stick to the plan. There will be situations that will be beyond your control; however, it is essential that you both do your best to stick to the plan of workload and timeline that is in the original agreement.

- Being adaptable with plan modifications

Although it may contradict the tip above, you should be willing to modify the plan if you need too, since you or your partner may have any number of unseen situations come into play, it is always good to be flexible. Perhaps, you may adjust the responsibilities, timeline and profits to fit any new situation that may arise.

In the end a joint venture partnership is built to include benefits that go beyond profits, since the potentials of a successful joint venture partnership is an increase in clients, network associates, credibility and profits. When you enter a partnership with a positive attitude in all things, you and your partner can build benefits that last for many years.

Robert Paul Williams is the Editor of Work At Home Business Website. Come Browse Our Free Article Library. Stay Informed with the Latest Home Based Business News, Success Tips & Strategies.

Starting A Home Business - Hard Work Required!

At first glance, starting a home business sounds like a great idea. As a result, many people have been drawn to this option in recent years, moving away from working in large offices, or opening more traditional small businesses. The appeal is a mixture of setting your own schedule, not paying rent on an office outside the home, and avoiding commutes.

For all that, starting a home business comes with a considerable risk, and it is not easy! Any freedom requires a corresponding responsibility, after all.

You will be able to set your own hours, but this is difficult to do in a home environment. You will need a separate work area, and it takes work to enforce that separation. Flexibility is great, but unless you can set aside uninterrupted time for work, success will be very difficult to find. And, just because your work hours are flexible, this does not mean that they do not exist! Many people who open home businesses find that they take more time (on average) than the normal nine-to-five office job.

Additionally, do you already have enough business capital to cover start-up costs, a few months of operational and living costs? Unless your home business is starting with a large clientele, it will probably take you a few months before you are making back your operational costs - let alone making a profit. As a result, many people who start home businesses find that it is a good idea to continue working a separate part time job at first. This also allows you to continue to receive any health benefits that you might be getting from a more formal job.

Starting your own home business requires persistence, organizational skills and above all, lots of hard work! Although difficult, starting a successful home business is possible - if you're willing to put in the good old fashioned elbow grease to get it going.

Are you ready to start a home business? Check out the goji business opportunity.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Working Together In A Home Business

I posted a blog in a Home Business Club asking the question
"Can a Husband & Wife Team Work together in a Home Business?" I
got some interesting replies.

I believe a working relationship is enhanced if both partners
are competent. The question you have to ask yourself is "if s/he
wasn't my spouse would I still want him/her as my business

Now if you planned your marriage carefully then your spouse is
already the ideal business partner. S/he is intelligent, honest,
hardworking and quick at mental calculations whilst still being
a good listener. But how many of us choose a partner based on
their future potential business qualities?

Living together is hard enough and then combining it with a
business relationship could easily lead to a break-up in both
relationships. Not only do you have to work with your partner /
spouse all day, you have to eat your dinner together, spend
weekends together and finally sleep in the same bed; you don't
even get a break from each other on Christmas day!

So how do you go about making sure that your home business does
not lead to divorce? The ideal solution is to break up the roles
so that you both don't do the same tasks. As an example, one
partner can be in charge of sales and marketing, whilst the
other could take care of administration and book keeping. You
could then cover for each other when children need collected
from school or something unexpected happens.

In any business relationship somebody has to be in overall
control. A business can not be run by two bosses in my opinion.
This decision should not be based on sex but instead on
experience and competency. Many people will argue that both
partners should be equal but this method of working will only
work in very rare circumstances.

Pay particular attention to your telecommunication system. At
the very least you will need 2 or better still 3 telephone lines
so that both of you have access to a phone when needed whilst
the third could be for incoming calls or other family members. A
decent answering machine and a call forwarding service should
help to make life easier.

Try and segregate business and home life completely. There
should be certain rooms in the house that are "business free"

Just as you allocate time for business, leave a certain amount
of time for family life. Avoid carrying on a business discussion
in the bedroom. Do not let a heated business debate ruin your
sex life!

Plan your life so that you have hobbies and pastimes that force
you to spend some time apart. Cultivate friendships that are
unique to each partner so that each of you has a person you can
moan to!

Often when working together tempers will get frayed… and the
best solution might be to take a step back and analyse the
problem. There is absolutely no point in trying to allocate
blame and attacking each other.

Working together can work in a home business if you are not
together all the time. You can rely on your partner 100% knowing
that you have each others interests at heart.

About The Author: Naz Daud - CityLocal Home Business &
Franchise Opportunities


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Creating Wealth Through Network Marketing

Network marketing is very effective way to make money online
and it's not a get-rich quick scheme. It involves selling
memberships, subscriptions, and services to those people who
need them for some reasons. Services include financial planning,
legal services, and other services that people may need in exact
However there is a few requirements that have to be met in
order to become successful network marketer such as the will to
talk to people and ability to explain the benefits of these
services. Successful networking marketing businesses rely also
on generating additional contacts from those who have signed up
to receive services. People who are about to become your clients
usually require more information and want to make sure that
particular product or service will satisfy them and your role is
to provide all necessary information for them.

If you enjoy sales, you are confident about selling products
and want to earn a steady, decent income working part-time or
full-time, then networking marketing may be the right decision
for you. For every single sale you generate, you will be paid a
commission. Commissions usually tend to be higher than selling
products online, but in order to sell these services, you have
to do more work as your promotional campaign goes on. The main
key to success here is convincing others that they need to sign
up to receive certain services and this activity itself requires
patience and hard consistent work spent on follow-up emails,
calls, and other marketing tactics. For those who are retired,
but looking for an at-home opportunity, network marketing may be
the answer.

Depending on the company you work for, you may receive
training, advice, and a small salary until you earn your first
commission. The fact is that different people enjoy different
methods of marketing, ones of them enjoy networking online,
other over the phone, and yet another in person. You will have
to attend social functions, networking conferences, and other
events to continually find contacts who would be interested in
your services. Many people who enjoy attending social functions
are able to easily talk to people without sounding like they are
selling something. This is very useful skill in building
relationships with potential customers.

Before joining a network marketing group, find out everything
you can to decide if this type of work is suitable for you. Some
companies require that you make one sale a month. Anyway if you
don't want to commit to making one sale each month, then you may
want to find another company. Find out if the company offers
training as this could be invaluable to you when starting out.
If the company does not offer training, which is sometimes very
significant factor helping you to start off, you may need to
look elsewhere.

Network marketing is more about making contacts at first than
making a sale.Building your contacts list is the most important
thing and should be your priority. Interacting with people,
impressing and influencing them are the ones of the most
important things that will turn them into customers in the
future and put money in your pocket as result.

If you want to have the potential to earn an unlimited amount
each month, then network marketing may be for you. Even if you
are hesitant to find contacts and develop a sales pitch, this
job can be very challenging and rewarding financially. Depending
on your sales skills, there will be many opportunities for you
to earn a steady income and meet many new contacts along the

About The Author: Daniel Gebura is an experienced online
marketer who helps ordinary people to build a successful home
business.To find the best home based business ideas and
opportunities so you can work at home visit:

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