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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Children in the Home Business Environment

© Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy

Operating a home business is seldom easy and interruptions come in all shapes, sizes and forms.

Between the family, friends and neighbors who call or come by, and the telemarketers who insist on ringing your number off the hook, getting through the workday can be a real challenge.

When you introduce children into the home office environment, your productivity and patience can be seriously tested.

For example, right now my three-year old daughter is pulling on my shirt and begging me to read her a story. Clearly, I'm in the middle of something important here, but how can I say no to those eyes? Ill be right back...

Ok, that wasn't so bad was it? She's happy, I'm happy (having bonded with my daughter) and now I'm back to continue my conversation with you :-) What's the lesson here? Flexibility is a major key to balancing your home business priorities with your family's needs.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that maintaining a deep level of concentration on work in a home business for long periods of time is next to impossible. Naptime does offer some reprieve, but any break from the kids is usually short lived.

Even with older children, summertime introduces new challenges with kids running in and out of the house all throughout the day.

I would like to share with you some of the tips I have discovered to help manage your home office with children in your midst. Since children of different ages pose different challenges, I will present my tips in terms of age groups.


We will look at older children first since they pose the least challenge to our work productivity.

Children, who are old enough to understand the idea of schedules and chores, are old enough to understand the needs of your home business. Explain to your children that you do your work at home so that you can be near them when they need you. But also be sure they understand that you must do your work so that you will have the money necessary to keep your house, feed the family and to provide them with money for entertainment.

Once your children understand the necessity of your work, then outline a work schedule and explain it to them. Do make sure they understand that emergencies are definitely an acceptable reason to interrupt your work. Then make sure they understand that between hours x and y, you will be doing work --- and then hold them to respecting your schedule.


Infants will never understand your needs for work. But fortunately, babies do well under a schedule or routine. Instead of expecting your child to work around your schedule, schedule your work around the needs of your baby.

It is simple. Babies eat, sleep and poop. Sometimes they play. Fortunately, babies sleep more than they do anything else.

Naptime offers the best advantage for getting your work done. Get your baby into a routine of eat, sleep and play, and you will experience unexpected levels of productivity.


If you have a toddler running around the house while you are operating your home business, then you may find that your hair turning gray or disappearing altogether. But, gray hair is a sign of character, right. ;-)

I am venturing to guess that the person who devised the door lock for the inside of the house did so because he had toddlers in his own home. Inside door locks should only be utilized when you are making that important phone call and your toddler is screaming for your attention. At all other times, your door should remain unlocked with your door open.

Develop a routine with your children for meal times, naptimes, and play times. Work these times into your work schedule and adhere to them. If you fail to keep appointments with your children, your children will have less respect for your work and do more to prevent you from the completion of your work.

Don't be afraid to let your children sit in your lap while you are working. It helps them to feel wanted and it helps them to be a part of your daily life. There are times when it is okay for them to be sitting in your lap while you work, and at other times you need them out of your lap. Don't be afraid to tell them to get down and go play or read a book so that you can resume your work.

Permit your children to have their toys in your office. Often they will sit contently and play while you work. Just knowing you are near is enough to keep them happy.

Be prepared to take an hourly break to deal with your toddler. Try to do potty breaks at your hourly break and to do drink refills. This can help your child grow into a routine that will work well with your home business. At each break, spend a few minutes with your child giving hugs and kisses and talking with your child about what he or she wants to talk about.

Toddlers don't always do well with the routine, so be prepared to take a few minutes when needed to give the attention that your child so desperately needs in the moment.


I hope these tips serve to help you in the challenge of operating a successful home business.

My home business permits me to fulfill my financial obligations *AND* see my children grow up. I would never contemplate trading my home business for another kind of business. Even with the added challenges of dealing with toddlers in my home office, the upsides far outweigh the downsides.

Growing my own home business with children around has definitely given me a new respect for all people who successfully run a home business with kids in the work environment. I tip my hat to you... You deserve it!

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Reprinted with permission from the Plug-In Profit Site Free Website Builder.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Internet Marketing - How To Keep Up To Date With Internet Marketing

By Gary Baker

When internet marketing was in its early stages, everyone and everything was exciting and new.

After a few years and as people got more experienced with internet marketing, things began to change at a rapid pace.

Techniques that were once profitable became obsolete.

Internet marketing changes with each passing day and a tip or method that worked a couple of months ago, will probably not be of much use to you today.

Years ago, you could begin internet marketing by placing ads in newsgroups or free classified sites.

It is just not possible to that any longer as internet marketing changes rapidly from month to month.

But you can keep up with all the changes and make suer your results do not suffer.

The easiest way to keep up with internet marketing is by subscribing to newsletters.

The people who are publishing frequent newsletters on internet marketing, keep up to date on changes and tell their readers about them.

You can also keep up on the changes by purchasing the products from well know and established internet marketing experts.

These people make their living with internet marketing so you can bet the house that they know exactly what works and what doesn't.

You can also keep up to date by joining the many internet marketing forums to be found.

The people who post to these forums and share information keep a close watch on trends, fads, and techniques.

Remember that as an internet marketing business owner, you should always keep up to date and make the changes to needed to maximize your profits.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Internet Business Marketing - What is an Epresence and Why Do You Need One?

By Deanna Mascle

Internet business marketing has become an increasingly large part of most business marketing plans. But just what does it mean to have a business marketing plan? What is internet business marketing?

An internet business marketing plan can simply be defined by creating an epresence -- more commonly known as an electronic or internet presence. Business can market their presence on the internet in a number of ways including web sites, blogs, email, articles, and various forms of advertising and brand awareness. Why would a business worry about creating an epresence?

The most important reason is that the internet marketplace is growing in both size and scope. Every day there is a larger number of people who do their shopping, and information gathering before shopping, via the internet. No business can afford to miss that opportunity to grow their customer base. In addition, the web offers a wealth of advertising and marketing opportunities that can be adapted to any market and any product to create a unique marketing message for your company.

Another important reason is that internet marketing and internet advertising is often cheaper that most print or broadcast marketing alternatives -- and sometimes its even free. Many forms of internet marketing also offer long-term benefits that make the initial expense even more cost effective. Some internet marketing campaigns can work weeks, months or years longer than the initial effort.

A final reason is that internet marketing allows you to adapt your marketing efforts to your specific audience and product which will better allow you to target your specific niche market better than any other form of advertising or marketing available.

Establish an epresence is an important part of the modern business marketing plan today because it is more cost effective, more adaptable, and more specific than other forms of advertising and marketing available.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget

Whether seeking a supplemental income or a full-time income, many folks have undertaken the task to discover a viable home based business solution to meet their personal needs.

For most folks who contemplate a home business, a low-cost or no-cost solution is not only nice, but also very necessary. Many also seek to find a home business that will permit them to maintain their regular day job in order to protect their base income.

Taking the cautious approach to a home based business and keeping one's job during the start-up period is often a very good decision. By maintaining one's job, one can maintain the health of their personal finances while permitting their home business grow healthy and strong.

Fortunately, most home based businesses can be started with little or no cash, can be maintained on a shoestring budget, and can be operated successfully with only a part-time investment.

One day, the business will be strong enough to support itself and its owner. When that time comes, it will make good sense for the business owner to leave his or her outside job to dedicate more time to growing and maintaining their new thriving home based business. You will know when that time has finally arrived.

The nature of a home based business makes it easy and very realistic for most folks to take the plunge into home business ownership.

Yet, many folks put off starting their own home based business, because they have the misconception that they will have to risk thousands of their own hard-earned dollars at start-up. Then later, if their business fails, they fear they may be forced to take out a second mortgage on their house just to stay out of bankruptcy.

Are you one of these folks? Do you let your fears of failure keep you from reaching for your dreams?

If so, then allow me to introduce you to a few home business ideas that you can start for less than $100 and can be started and operated very profitably as a part-time business.


First of all, let me advise you to search out a business model that will deliver steady and repeat business. It is the one thing --- above all others --- that will assure that your company can survive the test of time.

HOME-BASED MAIL ORDER: Home-based mail order is a good example of how one can quickly grow a home business income. Mail order is a low cost start-up business that can be launched for around $100 USD.

With proper planning, your home-based mail order business will not require up-front inventory purchases. In the mail order business, it is not uncommon to rely upon drop-shippers for product fulfillment services.

By utilizing drop-shippers, we can sell the products, collect the money and then purchase the products from the wholesale outlet. The wholesale outlet will then put a return address for your company on the product packaging and deliver the product directly to your customer.

By using the following link, you can explore the drop-ship directory, which will let you explore the drop-shipping companies that will enable you sell 500,000 products from over 1,000 brand name manufacturers:

Your primary expense in the mail-order business is advertising. Classified advertising tends to be a relatively inexpensive form of advertising with thousands of outlets available to the small business owner.

WHOLESALE BUSINESS: Buy low --- sell high. You can acquire high quality, top-of-the-line merchandise for a fraction of the retail cost. Starting a wholesale business would require a Wholesale Dealers Directory as your source for merchandise, such as the one above or the one listed here:

AUCTIONS: Auctions can be an excellent source for buying cheap and selling high. Both government auctions and Internet auctions can lead to some excellent profit opportunities. Auctions are an excellent tool for both acquiring and selling merchandise.

MAKE AND SELL YOUR CRAFTS: Crafts are a hot seller at country fairs, swap meets or anyplace where people gather. Make your own crafts and sell them for a tidy profit!

SELLING INFORMATION: Selling information by mail is another good example of an inexpensive home based business start-up. One can gain the resale rights to information for usually about $50 USD. Other costs will include printer cartridges, paper and postage. There are plenty of free classifieds sites on the Internet, in which to successfully advertise your information.

WRITE INFORMATIONAL BOOKLETS: Write and publish your own informational booklets; sell them at a high price! All you need is a little know-how, a printer, paper and stamps. This is a GREAT home business idea! You can also sell the resale rights to others, for extra profits. In this age of the Internet, you may also take advantage of the fact that selling information is one of the most profitable endeavors one can pursue online.

OFFICE SERVICES: Offer office services for hire in your local paper. You'll be surprised at the amount of regular office business that can be gleaned from one little classified ad. Word processing, typing, accounting, data entry, proofreading, transcription, promotional letters and newsletters. All these tasks can be accomplished right from your own home office.

AVON REPRESENTATIVE: Yes, Avon's been around for eternity, hasn't it? Then it's not such a bad prospect as a home based business, is it? I once knew a woman who did so much business as an Avon rep. that she had people calling her and knocking at her door wanting to order products at all hours of the day and night! Once you are an established Avon representative, you, too, will turn a good profit.

CONCLUSION: On your search for the ideal home based business, try not to get caught up in any scams that will run off with your money. There are thousands of scam artists out there just waiting for the next sucker to come along. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Just use your good judgement and invest wisely in proven methods of earning extra income.

About The Author

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Money To Make Money Online-Here Are 10 Ways

By Mark Barkow

10 ways to make money without money online was inspired by friends and family asking how they could make money online without money. Of course I tell them you can make more even if you have just a little money like 100 bucks but most said they wanted to go the free route. So here they are 10 ways to make money online without money.

1. & 2. Write on a topic using blogspot or wordpress blog and then to monetize it use adsense or cpa offers to make money off the people that visit your site. Blogspot and wordpress naturally rank well in search engines so it won’t take long before you get some traffic.

3. Find forums to post on that allow links in your signature and put cpa offer link in footer that would appeal to the visitors of the site. Then just get to posting, make sure your posts are good and on topic otherwise you will end up getting banned.

4. Get paid to post in forums. Many people are looking to give their forums a bump in users or to help kick it off so they will pay people to sign up and make posts anywhere from a few pennies to 30 cents a post. Again quality gets the higher pay.

5. Get paid to write articles, press releases, or blog posts. Many people are looking to outsource and will pay people to write their content for them. If you are a decent writer you can make some good money doing this (some people make a living at it)

6. Get paid to submit sites for directory listings. This one will not make you a ton of money and will take more time but you can make money doing this. If you decide to do this make sure you tout that you are HAND submitting to the directories, and make sure the first few people you do submissions for are 100% correct categories titles etc..

7. Build myspace friends list then sell account. People will actual buy your myspace account from you especially if you built it up yourself and don’t have bots auto inviting thousands (even if you do people will still buy but pay less)

8.Take surveys online and get paid (pinecone research is best). Never pay to join a survey club or site as most of those are scams. All the legit ones are free to join. You can get paid anywhere from .25 up to 100.00 dollars to take surveys and even test out products (I did this right after college just for fun and got some cool stuff to test out)

9. Build up post count on popular forums then rent out forum signature or avatar for a monthly fee.

10. Get paid to build links for sites or manage link exchanges for sites. Basically you will track and solicit sites for new links for your client. This may mean you are doing just exchanges or maybe your client has money to spend on links so you can offer payment to these sites in return for a link. If you are good at using Google for finding sites on topics this could be a good one for you. I am sure there are several other ways. The unfortunate fact is that the old saying “it takes money to make money” is usually true. That is true at least for the big money that some people manage to make online. I have been fortunate, or lucky to find a few gems that required no money that enabled me to make a sizable weekly sum of cash. They are difficult to find. Good luck in your quest to make online profits.

Over the last five years, I have been fortunate to find programs that have enabled me to make a lot of money online. Some of them with very little to invest, and some requiring none at all. I have milked these programs for all they are worth resulting in a nice fat weekly income. I am currently working on one such amazing program that is completely free. This one can do for you what it has done for me. Meaning, make you lots of cash! If you are interested in a free report on what I am doing, click here:

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Making Money at Home

By Harvey Rhinehart

Anyone who reads newspapers today can find home business opportunities. Home business opportunities are on the rise. Small home business opportunities are just as plentiful as large home business opportunities.

Home business opportunities may require research into business law as it relates to home business opportunities. An entrepreneur interested in home business opportunities will want to make sure the home business opportunities are legitimate and profitable. The Better Business Bureau can provide information on home business opportunities and their financial history.

Once home business opportunities have been thoroughly researched, the person interested in the home business opportunities should start as soon as possible. If there are a limited number of home business opportunities, other people looking for home business opportunities may fill them first. With all home business opportunities, it is important that the entrepreneur be interested in the home business opportunities, as it will make the home business opportunities process easier.

Looking for home business opportunities is simple. Many websites offer home business opportunities or can direct you to agencies that have home business opportunities available. If you currently work for a large company, they may have home business opportunities. Web conferencing and email make home business opportunities possible. The first step towards home business opportunities is the hardest. This requires realizing the possibilities home business opportunities offer, and how home business opportunities can remove you from the daily drudgeries of working in an office. With home business opportunities, you can improve your lifestyle and reach your monetary dreams.


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Friday, September 21, 2007

By Hala Am

The Internet is full of Scam about making money online. Our own experience shows that you can make money online and you have 7 options that are real. You have to understand your capabilities to make money online.

Making Money online is possible even if you are a simple Internet user or surfer. For instance, Filling surveys online does not pay much, but you still can make money ranging from $5-75 per survey. Trading stocks or foreign exchange requires a capital and some financial background.

Data entry jobs or even reading emails pays as well. Building a Website makes money ranging from $10 to $5000 per month. Going to daily job can pay from $1000 to $20,000 per month.

It all depends on you to make money online. Your skills, how hard you want to work, your education, and your background will set your course to make the money you deserve.

Here are some options to help you start making money online. Starting with the simple ones first that makes little money and ascending to the one that requires most dedication:

1- Filling Surveys Online (Simple, No Capital required)

2- Data Entry Online (Simple, No Capital required)

3- Trade Stocks online (Easy to Do, Require some capital to start and lots of luck)

4- Trade Foreign Exchange online (Specialised, Requires capital to start and knowledge to win)

5- Build a Website online (Easy if you have the will, requires $10-25 a month and authoring time)

6- Find a Job that suits your skills. Find this online, but you report to it daily!

7- Start your own business from home.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Best Way To Start An Internet Home Business Opportunity

By Diep Tran

What is the best way to start an internet home business opportunity? Although many home business opportunities on the internet promise that you can make money in a fortnight with little efforts, the truth is different. For someone who is new in this home business, it will take some time to learn different internet marketing techniques before being able to make money online. As many as 95% of home business owners fail. Many invest money in the paid methods to advertise their website, without knowing that even for these paid methods, there is also a learning curve. When people don’t see a quick return for their investment, they are discouraged and quit the business. This article will describe the best way to start a home business online more successfully with more focus on learning internet marketing and to avoid failure.

It’s very easy today to start a home business on the internet. There are opportunities with a free website, internet marketing training, and a good support network like a forum and helpdesk. To look for a home business opportunity online, you should check for these criteria first. There are other conditions that you should also know before choosing the internet business opportunity.

1. Your own domain name and website. Although it’s easy to start with an internet home business opportunity with a free website, it’s better to be sure whether it’s allowed by the opportunity that you can have your own domain name and change the website. The disadvantage of these duplicate websites is that they are identical with very little content. If you just start with a new website it’s difficult to compete with older sites and your site will be ignored by the search engines. It’s therefore important to learn some search engine optimalization (SEO) techniques to add content on your site and make it unique, and get traffic to your website.

2. Little start up costs. Since it’s difficult to make money online in the first months and the focus is on learning internet marketing, it’s wise to look for internet home business opportunities with little start up costs. The fee for the domain name and web hosting is necessary, but check for opportunities with affiliate programs that allow you to sign up for free in the beginning and you are able to upgrade to the paid level when you want to.

Because there are many methods, both free and paid, to advertise your website, try some free methods first like article marketing, forum postings and blogging to get some traffic to your website. You could also explore some paid methods, like pay per click (PPC) with for example Google Adwords, but make sure that you should invest first in knowledge, buying software to be able to track the ads, analyze the results and select the best ‘profitable’ keyword list. This technique seems easy, but probably it’s the most complicated internet marketing methods, where you need more skills than other methods to achieve results. As long as you don’t have the ‘profitable’ keyword list, you will loose money. Most of the home based business owners make the mistake in the beginning to spend money on many marketing methods at the same time without doing them optimally. The trick here is just learning one or two methods simultaneously and master the technique(s), before starting with a new technique. A good indicator of your success with a marketing method is trying to get some sales with this method. Use the money you have made to reinvest in the same or a new method.

To start an internet home business this way, you won’t be quick rich. But you will learn the basic internet marketing techniques that will help you further in your internet home business venture. You will also see the results of your SEO work on your website and other efforts like article marketing as a continuous increase in traffic to your site. Although this increase will not translate directly in sales in the beginning, it will stimulate to work harder till to get enough traffic to your site and make money online.

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Work At Home Online With Empowerism

It is part I of a series of tips about how to work at home online with Empowerism.

If you want to put your Netmarketing business on FAST FORWARD with ALL of the tools and training you need to become a SUCCESS on the Internet! All this in a nice, tidy package that's affordable to the masses and pays out a five-figure income! Others have tried it. Empowerism has perfected it...

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I recommend read all this page, and you get free google e-course, going on this image:

It is totally free.

Below you can see Stone Evens testimonials. He is one of the best Internet Marketer I have known.

My next post I will talk about some details of this website.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Net Work Marketing Online

I recently have read a report that points some lies that are enrolled in the propaganda and spreading of net work marketing. Of course this report deals about Internet marketing too.

The main thesis of that is the success in the world of the Marketing multilevel businesses reaches not more than 1% of the deliverers, or salesmen. I have doubts about to these statisticians. In fact, affirmations like that are not nothing entertainers for who are searching for new business-oriented chances. Or for whom it has been started for a little while some affiliation programs, or it is already improving this type of work.

I do not see the facts of net work marketing as a negative form. It is an opportunity as so much others that we find in the current symbolic market. And more than this, you are who chooses if accepted or not any proposal it is the proper deliverers, or salesmen.

Therefore, it deals about to take an option, or a decision. Perhaps the person who goes to engage itself in this model of products commercialization has to be intent to the company's rules and norms. But is not it also the truth for companies who do not work with the Marketing multilevel?

In the world of the opportunities we have to learn to judge with the reason and the passion eyes. With the businesses expanding through the Internet, it urges to improve our discernment ability between what it is good and what is garbage. In front of so many proposals frightening our quotidian, the act to observe, to search, to inquire and to put in a doubt has been extensively necessary to referring to our decisions.

In Brazil we have been saying a dictated: if you to plant you harvest. Today we need to know the land, the seed, the climate, the ground and many others ingredients to invest in a plantation. It is not more enough to plant and to water down.

In the businesses world it is not different. It to plant is to project a business. In the net work marketing it also is not different. Everything has its risk.

For example, if you take a decision to become a new member of some affiliation program it is possible that several of your friends will go to say that you are a nut. It is possible also that your familiar considers you a deluded person and do not give value in your enterprise.

Everything can happen, it is truth. But you do not forget that it deals about an option that you took to be your proper boss and to search the so dreamed financial freedom.

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Does Online Job Make Sense To You?

It is an international reality: when we all start a work at home online we expect to make money at the next couple of hours. Unless you are already an expert, you will see that it is not true.

The Internet has greatly increased the number of people who can work successfully from home. However, this phenomenon is new enough that many people find themselves taking a business from home with a little idea of what day-to-day work will be like.

What is the convenience of working at home? If you are a student, entrepreneur, retired, old, young, whatever, it does not consider who you are or where you are from. It does not consider your sex, color or experience.

Second, your investment is below one hundred dollars in general. That is considerable, in view of that they are necessary some hundreds of dollar to open the proper business nowadays. And it to sell its products, it will have to have a physical place.

The mainly benefits are: you can have a daily pay. You will be in control of how much you make and reward by how much effort you put into it. And you can see the results everyday.

Another benefit: you can take flexible hour. I do not know how it is important to you, but it is very important to who consider a new style of life where the freedom is not just a criterion, but it is a part of your body, like your right arm.

So, it to start a work at home online means work hard. But the difference is you work hard for yourself, at your home, near your family and with flexibility.

Thus if you are willing to try an online home based business to increase your income, you must consider 3 things:

First, you make a strong personal plan. When you are starting a new business online you have been little or no prior experience. So you need some directions. The best way is searching for a business system that offers full training and support. It is important to build a personal plan to get your targets clear. With your personal plan and a consistent business system it will become easy to make money online.

Second: you choose what kind of product you are going to sell. You do not need to have your own product. You can choose a company whose products you want to sell. At this step you will need a web site or a blog to promote those products.

By the way you can choose physical products or to be an affiliate Internet marketer member. They are programs you simply refer to potential customers to a larger company, and you get paid a commission on each customer you refer and each purchase that customer makes. This model is lovely, and it brings you a lot of opportunities.

And the third and last step: you take action. You make sure one thing. If you are becoming a member of any program and sit down waiting for the money you will never see a penny.

One last word: the results may vary. And you must ask yourself if you really believe on what you are doing. If you do not believe on it, it will be very hard to succeed on a working from home.

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