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Friday, January 26, 2007

Do We Really Want What Do We Desire?

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Every new Internet marketer business is taken to ask themselves about their dreams. Everybody are inquired about target, clear vision, focused attention and energy. Anyway do we really want what do we desire?

There are a lot of books telling we can get life we really want. Books are some kind of reference and if it seems to be a manual it does not work. The information we get on it must be judged or measured in comparison with ours life.

To inquire about dreams means look for a lifestyle that can bring happiness. Historically it has haven many meanings. There are changes for which it passed our conception of happy life: a virtuous life, for the old Greeks; pleasant, for the Romans; deserving of the paradise, for the Christians.

Today the happiness is an obligator aspiration. It sounds like we must have happiness as identity form. By the way the sadness is convict, exclude of the social environment and relegated the doctor offices of psychological therapy.

To go looking for ours dreams is looking for happiness and that feed an unsatisfied net of objects and pleasures. Paradoxically the requirement to be happy, even if the definition of what in it makes them happy is sufficiently uncertain, without knowing right what this means, becomes not unacceptable.

And then happiness is confused with the promise of a better life in the future. The fact we are stirring up ours dreams, to reach happiness lifestyle is a temptation. However, as some authors say, a property of our species is the capacity to imagine the future, but, in this task, we are bad. Therefore, the happiness never desired and reached is not well what people wanted.

Into a work at home based business opportunity at the Internet marketing it runs like that. We are not good to make the future of which we dream to take for granted waited happiness. We do not know to foresee it correctly.

So image happiness reaches in the future works partially. Mainly to we maintain our persistence. It is very important because in the way business we can feel fear sufficiently to quit out.

On the other hand we may think the happiness is here, at the present time. How? Have working it hard with pleasure. Is that impossible? I do think so.

Work with pleasure is possible but not simple. I have been learned is our bigger challenge nowadays. It involves patience, persistence and creativity. Have you ever heard the phrase: when you get a lemon go on and do lemonade? Well I use to drink it with no much sugar.

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