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Monday, January 08, 2007

Changes That Make To be Born Entrepreneur

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The technologies of the information come modifying the form of interaction between people, shortening ways, or diminishing the distances. These interactions can be between individuals themselves and them and a machine. Since the telephone, until the email, that is a cheaper case, it has been available for the user a series of communications instruments facilitating these interactions.

It has two important concepts in this process: interaction and interactive process. The interaction can be defined as a reciprocal action between citizens that can be direct or indirect, mediated for some communication technician vehicle, as for example letter or telephone.

Interactive process is a term that comes indistinctly being used with two different meanings, in generally confused: for one hand, the technical power offered for determined way, as for example, CD-ROMS of consultation, general hyperlink or computers games, and by the other hand the human activity of the user to act on the machine, and to receive in exchange a retraction from the machine itself.

In the global world work, emergent trend mainly from the fall of the wall of Berlin, in 1989, has a job reduction and grows the business opportunities for entrepreneur, or who search for to be owner of the proper business. The challenge for this increasing population mass is to be professional, learning new abilities, mainly in this market of high competitiveness.

In such a way, the learning situations are significant for the new professional. Where to find them? Are there geographical and financial accessible?

These situations can be given in classrooms, not in formal institutions of education properly said, but in enterprise environments, basically. The schools, I say university, teach processes, methodologies, but they have said little regarding the relation human being, basic in any company.

On the other hand, these situations of learning can be given at a distance also. Here the messages are less subjective and social affective. But it is possible yes to have exchange of information, what it means to admit the learning.

The objective of this article is to reflect on the following investigation: front to these global changes, which is the education ideal learning, in view of the entrepreneur formation?

In the situations of enterprise learning, the interaction does not exist only between entrepreneur and instructional material, entrepreneurs between itself, entrepreneurs and tutor, entrepreneurs and education institution. It is also given between the elements that compose the universe of the entrepreneur, such as the history of life, family, work, social class and other groups that he or she belongs.

Ahead of the diversity, it is necessary attention to value the differences, to stimulate ideas, opinions and attitudes, to develop the capacity to learn to think, as well as taking the entrepreneur to get the conscientious control of the learned one, holding it back and to know to apply it in another context. It is observed then that in the distance between the entrepreneur and necessary knowledge to its success, is not only one physical, but psychological, sociological, cultural, economic, also philosophical space, among others.

The entrepreneur is himself who take action to get its proper knowledge now days. Beyond dominating some knowledge, its responsibility and sense of community to this knowledge is vital for its success. In other words, the change of entrepreneur attitude will be basic for the change of the system. New progress criteria are in game, based in the self trust human development and growth.

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