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Monday, January 07, 2008

MLM and Affiliate Marketing -Are They Both The Same Thing?

By Albert Lim

MLM or multi level marketing is recognized as just another term for Network Marketing. But it is unknown that Affiliate marketing is a modern outgrowth of the tested and tried concept of MLM. The high inclination of the industry of Affiliate marketing is pending in large part to the application of the techniques of MLM where the members are paid some commissions for closing sales and a percentage of commission earned by the members on their down line.

The MLM companies have often got a bad reputation. There are situations in the past and even at present. The Get Rich Scam, Ponzi Schemes and many more scams to make the honest people part with their hard earned money. The main issue is that these scams tend to destroy the industry of Network Marketing. The carefulness of the Affiliate Marketing to maintain their reputation due to the changeable condition of the Internet has to be pondered over.

There are many MLM and Network marketing companies. But a layman would find it difficult to identify a company of his choice and willingly sacrifice time and cash for it.

The name "Network" marketing company is now called as "Net" Marketing companies. This has obscured the business models of the tradition that came out to be the basic criterion on the Internet.

What could be the difference between Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing? It is found that people getting into affiliate program does not have any connection wit MLM programs. The connection is less with any kind of Matrix or Ponzi scheme.

The main points to note while considering to dealing with a bona-fide is

Are you paid for the selling of services or products or is the commission got only for appointing new members?

Getting commissions on sales is good to receive. But by considering the morals of providing huge income to somebody just for recruiting them. It is a dream of continuous building of down line members for profit.

If it is necessary for you to pay in order to join an organization, ensure that you get back something in return for your payment. Don't get be fooled with false promises. Ensure that you don't pay for positions but only for services and products.

Search for companies that don't need any cost for joining and where you can get a quick start. Ensure that there are ample ready-made materials that are free for the members. Make sure that they provide good ethical advices on the methods to develop a business.

The next thing would be to find a potential size of the market of the services and products. There are millions of products that need to be promoted and the markets are flooded with products. Know the area of growth and find a niche and stick with it. Use the techniques given by your up line members involved in either Affiliate marketing or MLM. Promote your products and be happy about something you are as opposed to as something you merely push for profit. The sales will be easier for you.

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