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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Meaning Of Commitment To Your Business

By Ann Moss

Do you feel that you are committed to your business? How can
you tell? Commitment is not something that you can directly see.
There are two characteristics that show commitment – focus and
personal sacrifices.

First, you will show a focused or having a single-minded
purpose in what you are doing. Everything that you do would be
directed toward making your business better. Sometimes this
focus can be so strong that it will appear that you have
blinders on. Many people will say that you have "tunnel vision".
You don't see anything outside of your focus going on around

I can tell you from experience that my husband is always saying
that I "tune out" and live in my "own little world". I get so
focused that I lose sight of what is going on around me. He has
learned over the last 29 years that when my office door is shut,
that I will only come out when I am done with what I am working

Second, you will be willing to make personal sacrifices to
reach your goals. This can be as simple as giving up an hour of
television a day to work on your business. Others will tell you
that if you watch any television that you are not committed. I
don't agree with this one. When I am focused, I am focused. But
everyone needs to get away from time to time. Don't let your
family life become a personal sacrifice.

I can give you one example of focus and personal sacrifice in
working with the MasterMind Pros Team. Now our Team is a group
of coaches/mentors that helps others learn Affiliate Marketing
and other skills involved in running a business. After a
training conference ended on one Friday night at 9:00pm, our
team started working on refining a new landing page for our
website. At 2:00am, we were just finishing up. Not once during
this time did anyone say "it's getting late, let's finish
tomorrow". We were all focused on getting our task done and
didn't quit until it was completed. Did we sacrifice some sleep
– yes, in fact many of us were up early to support Frank in his
AdWords training class on Saturday morning at 7:00am. This is
the commitment that our team has to our business and to our

People need to attach a meaning to the sacrifice. If this
sacrifice does not provide them with a sense of achievement,
they will not be willing to do it.

Commitment follows meaning. A job is only a job until you
identify with it and see the meaning in what you are doing and
why you are doing it. People do not sacrifice unless what they
are doing has meaning. To make that sacrifice, you need to see
how what you are doing impacts your business.

Commitment is a willingness to look for a new and better way to
do something and then do it. It focuses on eliminating
procrastinating and confronting head on what is not working.
This spirit of commitment allows a person to take risks they
would not have taken before. This risk is looking to the future
instead of rehashing the past.

In summary, commitment will be evident in the focus that you
apply toward your own goals. The surest measure of commitment is
in the personal sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve
your goals. James Womack has stated that "Commitment unlocks the
doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the "right
stuff" to turn our dreams into reality." So – how committed are

About The Author: Ann Moss is Vice President and a professional
coach for Mastermind Pros (
Mastermind Pros coaching will show you how to make an income
online through live, interactive daily conferences. Let us guide
you on the path to online success.

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