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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is Your Home Based Business A Professional One?

Is your home based business a real business or simply a hobby?
Most people when they start their own work at home business are
quite serious about what they want the business to deliver. That
is a full-time income with unlimited growth potential. While a
legitimate business can certainly deliver these results, too
many would-be home based business owners treat their business
more like a hobby and the results correspond. A professional
home based business is one that provides excellent customer
service, quality products and services, and is easy to find on
the internet. A professional home based business has a website
that is easy to navigate with plenty of information for the
customer and is one that can be found on the web. Updating your
website monthly is important to help make it search engine
friendly. Offer new products or services or provide links that
are helpful to your customer. Add interesting articles related
to your business. Give your site the occasional "facelift" in
order to attract more people and keep the regulars coming back.

Once you've proven yourself to those who purchase items from
your website, you will begin to build a valuable reputation that
will eventually bring others to try your products or service as
well. Word-of-mouth advertising is still the best(and
cheapest!!!)form of advertising for a successful businesses.
This is why providing quality customer service is critical. A
professional home based business answers email questions and
complaints promptly. Daily if possible. Notify customers on your
mailing list of new products & services that are coming soon.
Give them a head start. Another sign of a professional home
based business is the presence of a monthly or bi-monthly
newsletter that features information that your customers need or
want to know. Having such a newsletter is not mandatory, but it
does raise the level of professionalism for any business.

Find and invest in the right software for a home office is
another way to build a professional business. Depending on what
you plan on selling, you need to track orders all the way
through the shipping process, collect email addresses to keep
contact and send your newsletter to, and of course maintain
accurate financial records. Such software is readily available
at your local computer store and certainly online. A good
powerful computer with lots of memory is a huge asset. File
maintenance should be done monthly in order to retain valuable
information and maintain accurate records.

With a solid home office set up and in place, you can really
focus on building or growing your business. If you are still
unsure about which online business venture you wish to pursue,
then do a little online research. There are many terrific
opportunities out there. Some are very much "turnkey" home based
businesses that are very easy to get started with a lot of help
and direction for you to follow. Consider your own skills and
passions too. They may lead to business ideas for you. Creating
a list of possible business ideas will help you decide which
ones will be the easiest to market.

Many people run successful businesses from their homes and
enjoy the freedom that working from home can bring. If you are
looking for a way to spend more time with your family, pursuing
other goals, or you want to be your own boss, then a home based
business may be for you. You should know however, from the
start, if you plan on running your business as a professional
business or more like a part time job or hobby. There is nothing
wrong with any of those ways you choose to approach you
business. But if you choose to run it professionally in order to
generate a full-time income, you can take great strides in that
direction by learning from what you have read here. I wish you
the best of luck. Grow a large home based business and realize
your dreams.

About The Author: Todd Thomas is the Founder of and writes business related
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