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Friday, October 26, 2007

Money Making Models – Part V

In this fifth part we will go to speak on how to earn money with its website.

All the SEO - Optimization Search Engine Gurus says that from the moment where its website will be with the equivalent 500 visitors/day you will have a good [Tag-Tec]business from home[/Tag-Tec] online in your hands.

The question here is to create traffic to your Home Page and to offer good content to your visitors.

Ok, but how to [Tag-Tec]earn money online[/Tag-Tec] with this?

It has some forms:

  • You can sell banners space for enterprise.
  • You can create an area for classified ads.

Why some entrepreneurs would pay to publish banners or announcements in your site? It is simple. Your website has an audience hearing that it can be reverted in future customers.

That is easy to understand. We go to assume that your website has 500 visitors for one day. For example, if it 10% to click in propaganda and announcements, it will have 50 clicks in potential. If it 10% of the clicks to revert in selling, this mean 5 not badly selling per day for a Home Page. Imagines the same propaganda in 10, 100 websites?

It is marketing power. You think about that!


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