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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

7 Most Popular Money-Making Models On The Internet

By Ewen Chia

One of the biggest problems people have before beginning their internet business is simply this:

They are not certain of which business model to go for.

If you are not yet sure what you want to do to make money online, here are the 7 most popular money-making models you can copy:

1. Sell Your Own Products

Selling your own products has got to be one of the best routes to take. Other than not limiting yourself over the control of the product, the price, the quality, you can also have other people sell your products for you as an affiliate.

Leveraging on other people’s efforts is key to your advancement in any internet business you’re in.

If you are going to sell your own products, make sure you have good sales copy. This is because the sales letter will decide whether you’re going to sell 1 or 1000s of your product.

2. Become a Reseller

This has got to be one of the easiest ways to get started making money online. You invest some money in purchasing the resale rights licenses to other people’s products and you start selling it almost immediately.

Using this model, not only can you save time, you can also test the waters first before venturing into your own products.

3. Affiliate Marketing

In this model you are also selling other people’s products. However as an affiliate you wouldn’t need to invest any money upfront at all.

To start making affiliate commissions, all you have to do is sign up for any affiliate program which you’re interested in, and start promoting it in your market.

If people buy the affiliate product through your affiliate link, you make the commissions set by the affiliate owner. Although you wouldn’t need to invest anything upfront, most of the time an affiliate have no control over the sales process of a product.

4. Virtual Real Estates

Storming the Internet Marketing industry currently are the infamous Virtual Real Estates(VRE). Creating VRE websites means that you’re most probably going to make money through web content, Google AdSense, pay-per-click programs and affiliate programs.

A major advantage of VREs is you can make longer term profits which continue to grow everyday. This will be true as you INCREASE your web content and optimize your website for the search engines correctly.

5. Forums

People love to talk, discuss ideas and generally hang out with like-minded folks. Forums can be extremely profitable because you can monetize the repeat traffic they generate.

People who participate in discussion boards are probably regulars who visit often, giving you opportunities for endorsing a product repeatedly to them. You can also earn a lot of Google AdSense income from your members.

6. Web Space Advertising

If you have a website with extremely high traffic, one of the best ways to profit from it is simply to sell your web space to other people.

How do you accomplish this? All you need to do is sell advertisement on your website for a period of time, for example 30 days. These can be in the form of banner ads, classified ads or text link ads.

7. Ezine Advertising

People are constantly searching for related ezines to advertise in, and if you have a good ezine, selling advertising is a big possibility. You can sell a classified ad, a top sponsor ad or a solo ad in your ezine.

If ezine advertising suits your taste, what you need to do is build a huge list of responsive subscribers in your niche. This will not only attract advertisers, but you can also sell advertising space direct to your existing subscribers.

You can apply any of these 7 model to your internet business and make real money online. For more information, check out my resource box below...

Ewen Chia is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and super affiliate marketer. Visit his blog now to discover more online money-making secrets! http://www.EwenChia.com


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