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Friday, October 19, 2007

Make Money Website – Part III

We go to treat now about the affiliation programs. In this model you will to sell other' people products. However, you will not need to invest in acquiring products. You will only go to resell it.

Everything you need to do is to look for one affiliate program you like to, to become a member and to start to divulge your new business.

When you become a member of an affiliation program, you will have your own code (ID and password), which you edit in your website or blog to be able to promote it online.

When someone clicks in your link and makes a purchase, it can be throughout your reseller product or affiliated member link, it will go to generate a monthly bond for life, while you and this new person will be active in the business.

The main points of this model are:

  • You will not go to gain money overnight;
  • It is basic to promote and to divulge the business so that other people can become affiliated throughout you.
  • It is basic to sell the company products which you are affiliated.


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