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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Incredible Value Of The Newbie Training Videos

I would like to comment here the tremendous potential of the Newbie Training Videos. It has been help me very much.

When I started my work at home online I didn’t know anything about to build a website.

These videos have incredible value. There are many people online who charge a lot of money for information and tools that aren't 1/10th as helpful as these videos.

And the fantastic fact anyone can take it for free.

You can open your mind and discover:

· How to choose and register a good domain name

· How to choose a Web Host

· Setting up a pop email account

· Configuring your pop email account in outlook express

· Setting up your signature in outlook express

· Opening and downloading zip and pdf files, and zipping your own files with winzip

· Using FTP to upload files from your computer to your web host provider's server

· Setting up an account with ClickBank

Are you interested? I think so.

Click Here and take it all for FREE.

Wolney H Filho – work at home online

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