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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good News: Google Is Dancing Samba

My webpage was with 7 back links and now it is 4 in Google. Yesterday night I have took my mainly keyword “work at home online” and did a searching at Google. It was with 930,000.000 pages and was at the first page.

Uau, it means all the work is going to pay off in the end. It is SENSATIONAL.

Now, it is 1,040,000.000 pages and is at the second page. So, why am I happy?

It is very simple: since I have started my work at home online I have been looking for it on Google and it has never been the first or second page.

That is great and I am happy. Now I am working to keep on repeating this.

I think Google is learning to dance SAMBA and I am learning Internet Marketing. UAU!!

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