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Monday, July 02, 2007

How To Get Incoming Links For Free?

Do you want free linking strategies to your Blog? Jeff Schuman has a success online career and he recommended paying attention on what Jack Humphrey is calling linking on steroids.

Jack Humphrey is always providing some good advice when it comes to Web 2.0 and building links. He sent this out in his Friday Traffic Report which I receive by email.

He said to check out a different kind of web 2.0 link building technique started by Alex over at This is a great chance to get incoming links if you do it right.

Follow the directions below and make sure you do it right. Check out how this started (opens in a new window) then come back here and see what has changed on the review list below and you will see how this works immediately.

I have learned it in Warrior forum and would like to thank Mr. Schuman for the opportunity.

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions below this line —

Reciprocal Review Carousel idea is based on a few simple yet effective link-building and blogging techniques I have learned:

· Build value of the blog by creating a helpful link from within content.

· Provide value to community by doing a review on a blog you personally like.

· Link to YOUR blog has exact anchor text you want and helps you boost Google Rankings.

· No more than 30 outbound links from any page to prevent penalties for link farming.

· Viral effect of the link – as more bloggers participate, link to your blog with YOUR anchor text, coming from quality content post will spread.

Here is How to participate:

· Copy the entire text between the specified lines.

· Create a post on your site and put at least one paragraph explaining how you joined the Reciprocal Review Carousel.

· Paste the text you copied into your post.

· Remove the Bottom Review and At the Top add your own review with a link to a site reviewed, at least 2 sentences about the site and a note – Reviewed by: Your Anchor Text. Link your anchor text to your site.

Here is an example:

WordPress Web 2.0 Guide is a blog providing very useful information on building your very own Web 2.0 portal based on WordPress. Detailed instructions and howto guides make it possible for anyone to create a sparkling and engaging blog and join the community of like-minded individuals. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Spot-er.

Sites Reviewed:

Suzanne Morrison Internet Home Business Ideas Blog is an excellent Blog. She can help you to make a full time income from the internet. She is part of the Plu-In-Profit Site team and her blog is frequently updates with Internet home business ideas, product reviews and suggestions for and promoting your website. Reviewed by Wolney H Filho, the work at home online blog.

Jeff Casmer’s Work At Home Blog is an excellent blog that ties in well with his top rated work at home directory. He works hard at helping people and his blog is updated reguarly with information that is timely to help you work from home and earn money. Reviewed by: Jeff Schuman for his make money blog to help people make more money and get more traffic.

Mal Keenan's Internet Marketing Blog is a frequently updated blog on everything pertaining to the world of internet marketing and home business. He includes plenty of internet marketing tips and techniques in his blog and also reviews the latest internet marketing products. Unlike some marketers who recommend every product under the sun, Mal has a very honest approach to his reviews and only recommends products that have actually worked for him. Reviewed by Suzanne Morrison for her Internet Business Ideas blog

Jeff Schuman’s Make Money Online is a great resource where Jeff provides you with the best tools and resources to make money at home. The best part of Jeff’s blog is many of these tips are FREE to implement and are a great compliment to his Team-Schuman website. I have worked with Jeff for several years and can highly recommend any of his services. Reviewed by Jeff Casmer for his earn money at home blog to help people work at home with their own internet home business.

Jack Humphrey’s blog The Friday Traffic Report is just another in a long line of things I read when it is done by Jack. Of course his Power Linking and Authority Black Book are just two examples of the tremendous information he provides. He blogs now about Web 2.0 and social marketing and if you are looking for tips to get more traffic you should check it out and subscribe to his feed. Reviewed by Jeff Schuman for his make money blog to help people make more money and get more traffic.

Peter Lenkefi writes about Web 2.0 marketing strategies at He has some killer videos over there you should check out along with a ton of good information on blog marketing and various “new media” promotion tactics. Reviewed by: Link Building Maniac, Jack Humphrey, for the Friday Traffic Report is an original creator of Viralink concept and a blog publishing information on Magic, Personal development and blog development. I have found a wealth of information on getting your blog noticed and generating the traffic for free. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Guide

FitForFreedom is well-established blog where you can find multitude of information on achieving financial freedom. Blog is run by Marco Righter and his writing style greatly adds to the value of information he provides. Reviewed by: Alex

Secure Your PC For Internet blog run by Colin and provides essential information everyone accessing internet should know. Identity theft is becoming more and more of an issue and by visiting his blog you can minimize the risk of being compromised. Reviewed by: Alex

VI-SU blog is all about WordPress, AdSense, SEO and Internet Marketing. Although mostly written in German I have found that using Google translate is worth the effort for his posts. Reviewed by: Alex

Home With Heather is a great informative blog targeting WAHM (Work At Home Moms) and run by … you guessed it – Heather Masson. Information on what works for her in Internet Business written is very easy to read and comes from her personal experience. Reviewed by: Alex.

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions above this line —

To summarize - just take the whole thing above including the lines –copy and paste…etc–, do an opening paragraph like the one I started this post with, paste what you just copied, take the bottom review in the review list off and add a review like I did for Jeff Schuman’s site with a “Reviewed by:” link back to your site.

I Hope it can help you to bring quality link and traffic.

Wolney H Filho – online home based business


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