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Monday, May 07, 2007

Internet Worker Part Time

Since I started my work at home online business I have made many mistakes. Yes, it is true.

I work as university professor during the least 18 years and have in my house an office that I call a library, where I study and plan my lessons. In this office I have many books, bookshelves, a table, a computer, pictures of the children and my wife.

When I started to develop businesses online I have had to divide my time between the two works. And this was my bigger difficulty.

In my office I had the necessity to distribute my time to prepare and to study to give my lessons in the university, to read academic monographs of pupils and other tasks, and it to dedicate to my home business learning. In fact, it to learn and to study about Internet marketing.

At the first months it was a terrible mess. I had days that I had been 8 hours studying on the Plug-in-profit site, looking at what was happening in the warrior forum, trying to write articles, and clicking in sites of traffic exchange.

To compensate, in the other days I almost did not have time to work at my home Internet business, or to dedicate my time for this learning, therefore I had to recoup the lost time that did not invest in my work in the academy.

In my next post, I will go to speak about the best solution I gave to it.

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