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Thursday, May 03, 2007

How Empowerism Can Profit Your Life?

Do you know how you can make money from Empowerism? Each person you refer you join under you.

First of all, you get paid $20.00 up-front when they join Empowerism + $7.00 per month for the life of their Empowerism membership.

You are also building an Empowerism downline this way and every member that signs up will become part of your Empowerism downline. You get paid $1.00 per month extra for each person they refer. Your income from this can snowball pretty quickly (in a good way). Think about this...

Refer 5 people. Each of those 5 people refer 5 people. That's 25 people. Then those 25 people each refer 5 people. That's 125 people. Then those 125 people each refer 5 people. That's 725 people in your downline which can pay you up to $725.00/month or $8,700.00 per year. And that's only 5 people each. Sometimes you get lucky and someone comes along and refers 100, 200 or even more than that. Trust me, it happens. ;-)

For more details, you can review Empowerism’s compensation plan here:

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