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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No Money To Make Money Online-Here Are 10 Ways

By Mark Barkow

10 ways to make money without money online was inspired by friends and family asking how they could make money online without money. Of course I tell them you can make more even if you have just a little money like 100 bucks but most said they wanted to go the free route. So here they are 10 ways to make money online without money.

1. & 2. Write on a topic using blogspot or wordpress blog and then to monetize it use adsense or cpa offers to make money off the people that visit your site. Blogspot and wordpress naturally rank well in search engines so it won’t take long before you get some traffic.

3. Find forums to post on that allow links in your signature and put cpa offer link in footer that would appeal to the visitors of the site. Then just get to posting, make sure your posts are good and on topic otherwise you will end up getting banned.

4. Get paid to post in forums. Many people are looking to give their forums a bump in users or to help kick it off so they will pay people to sign up and make posts anywhere from a few pennies to 30 cents a post. Again quality gets the higher pay.

5. Get paid to write articles, press releases, or blog posts. Many people are looking to outsource and will pay people to write their content for them. If you are a decent writer you can make some good money doing this (some people make a living at it)

6. Get paid to submit sites for directory listings. This one will not make you a ton of money and will take more time but you can make money doing this. If you decide to do this make sure you tout that you are HAND submitting to the directories, and make sure the first few people you do submissions for are 100% correct categories titles etc..

7. Build myspace friends list then sell account. People will actual buy your myspace account from you especially if you built it up yourself and don’t have bots auto inviting thousands (even if you do people will still buy but pay less)

8.Take surveys online and get paid (pinecone research is best). Never pay to join a survey club or site as most of those are scams. All the legit ones are free to join. You can get paid anywhere from .25 up to 100.00 dollars to take surveys and even test out products (I did this right after college just for fun and got some cool stuff to test out)

9. Build up post count on popular forums then rent out forum signature or avatar for a monthly fee.

10. Get paid to build links for sites or manage link exchanges for sites. Basically you will track and solicit sites for new links for your client. This may mean you are doing just exchanges or maybe your client has money to spend on links so you can offer payment to these sites in return for a link. If you are good at using Google for finding sites on topics this could be a good one for you. I am sure there are several other ways. The unfortunate fact is that the old saying “it takes money to make money” is usually true. That is true at least for the big money that some people manage to make online. I have been fortunate, or lucky to find a few gems that required no money that enabled me to make a sizable weekly sum of cash. They are difficult to find. Good luck in your quest to make online profits.

Over the last five years, I have been fortunate to find programs that have enabled me to make a lot of money online. Some of them with very little to invest, and some requiring none at all. I have milked these programs for all they are worth resulting in a nice fat weekly income. I am currently working on one such amazing program that is completely free. This one can do for you what it has done for me. Meaning, make you lots of cash! If you are interested in a free report on what I am doing, click here:

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