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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Net Work Marketing Online

I recently have read a report that points some lies that are enrolled in the propaganda and spreading of net work marketing. Of course this report deals about Internet marketing too.

The main thesis of that is the success in the world of the Marketing multilevel businesses reaches not more than 1% of the deliverers, or salesmen. I have doubts about to these statisticians. In fact, affirmations like that are not nothing entertainers for who are searching for new business-oriented chances. Or for whom it has been started for a little while some affiliation programs, or it is already improving this type of work.

I do not see the facts of net work marketing as a negative form. It is an opportunity as so much others that we find in the current symbolic market. And more than this, you are who chooses if accepted or not any proposal it is the proper deliverers, or salesmen.

Therefore, it deals about to take an option, or a decision. Perhaps the person who goes to engage itself in this model of products commercialization has to be intent to the company's rules and norms. But is not it also the truth for companies who do not work with the Marketing multilevel?

In the world of the opportunities we have to learn to judge with the reason and the passion eyes. With the businesses expanding through the Internet, it urges to improve our discernment ability between what it is good and what is garbage. In front of so many proposals frightening our quotidian, the act to observe, to search, to inquire and to put in a doubt has been extensively necessary to referring to our decisions.

In Brazil we have been saying a dictated: if you to plant you harvest. Today we need to know the land, the seed, the climate, the ground and many others ingredients to invest in a plantation. It is not more enough to plant and to water down.

In the businesses world it is not different. It to plant is to project a business. In the net work marketing it also is not different. Everything has its risk.

For example, if you take a decision to become a new member of some affiliation program it is possible that several of your friends will go to say that you are a nut. It is possible also that your familiar considers you a deluded person and do not give value in your enterprise.

Everything can happen, it is truth. But you do not forget that it deals about an option that you took to be your proper boss and to search the so dreamed financial freedom.

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