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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is The Work At Home Niche A Good One To Start In

We have below some good ideas from Jeff Schuman about online home based business. Mr. Schuman has a success online career and here he is talking about pros and cons we have to consider to starting a new work at home online.

Is The Work At Home Niche A Good One To Start In

by Jeff Schuman

One of the most searched phrases on the internet every month is work at home. When you throw in home business, earn money, how to make money online, and other similar keyword phrases you have a target market that is huge.

This can be good and it can be bad if that is the market on you are trying to make money in. Here are 4 pros and cons of targeting the work at home crowd.


1. This is a never ending supply of people who come online everyday wanting to work at home

2. There is a need. In any market you should have a product that services a need and that their is interest in or a desire for.

3. There are a lot of products and programs you can offer people that will help teach them that you can make good money selling.

4. You really can help people.


1. The people who come online do not have any money therefore they can not buy products that you sell in this niche

2. Many people who come online do not possess the skills to work at home or start a home business. How about yourself?

3. Most people are to lazy to work hard enough to learn how to do internet marketing. Therefore they start and quit over and over again never making any money.

4. This is a very competitive niche as there are already many big name gurus you will be competing with.

This is a good comparison of what you are up against if you decide to make money or work at home and target the very people that you are one of. Because of the competition it may take you a while to actually make money. You have to ask yourself how long can you go without some checks coming in.

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