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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mar 03, 2007 – PIPS Affiliated programs

Hi, Wolney Here.

Let's take a guided tour together through the exact PIPS program, at my decisive opinion, the Best Internet Marketing Affiliated Program.

Apparently you guys (and gals) want to see a real life working example to follow. At least that's what hundreds of your fellow wants to. You can find it here.

The mainly and immediate thing PIPS program offers you is Complete Money Making site Setup FREE. Yes, your own HOME PAGE.

Your home page is basically an organized directory of products that you are affiliated with. Below you can see my own products, with respective ID.

Empowerism ID#: 95054
SFI ID#: 9331782
Traffic Swarm ID#: 557420
Internet Warriors ID#: 88779
Internet Marketing Center ID#: 892002.

Whenever someone visits your home page and clicks on a link to learn more about one of the products, they will be re-directed to a sale page for that product. When someone buys one of the products after clicking a link on your home page, you will receive a commission for the sale.

Can you imagine that?

Ok, tomorrow I will relate about that organized directory of products that anyone can be affiliated with Little or No Prior Experience Needed.

Carpe diem

ps.For further information you can click here

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