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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Affiliate Marketing: Have You Think About That?

Affiliate Marketing: Have You Think About That?

I have one suggestion to you: tray to imagine yourself creating your own web site and promoting some products where people can come in and click on it. More than that, they click and buy that product. Then you earn a commission. What do you think about that?

Many people actually believe that this is a fair way to make money and earn a commissions. It is not that. Have you tried affiliate marketing? What are your experiences?

Below you have an article from Simeon Calhoun inquiring if affiliate marketing is some possible business for anyone, including yourself. I hope you enjoy it.

Title: Affiliate Marketing: Is It For You?
Author: Simeon Calhoun

If you have looked around the web for information on ways to
make a viable living from home, then you have undoubtedly come
across information related to affiliate marketing. For those of
you who do not know what affiliate marketing is, I will define
it for you in a nutshell. Affiliate marketing is a business
arrangement where you advertise a product on the web, and when
someone purchases that product as a result of your
advertisement, you earn a commission. That is a very simplified
definition, but for the purposes of this discussion, it will be

Proponents of affiliate marketing would have you believe that
anyone can do it, and that everyone should do it. In most cases,
these parties are also wanting to sell you training materials
related to affiliate marketing; and that is totally legitimate.
But let's look a bit closer at what is required to be an
effective affiliate marketer. Then you can decide whether or not
affiliate marketing is a good fit for you.

In order to be an effective affiliate marketer, you will have
to have the following characteristics, skills, personality
traits, etc.(the more the better):

1. You have to enjoy spending a lot of time using your computer
and have to be accustomed to spending time surfing the web. If
you still haven't figured out how to "cut and paste" on the PC,
then affiliate marketing is not for you.

2. You need to be a good writer, and preferably, it would be
helpful if you even enjoyed writing. If you're not a good
writer, then you can improve. If you hate writing, then
affiliate marketing is not for you.

3. You need to be able to do research using the internet.
Again, if you don't like to research, don't enjoy surfing the
web, then you probably need to pass on affiliate marketing.

4. You need to have some time to invest on a daily basis. Many
people think that if they "work from home" that they will be
able to do their work and also do all of the other things they
usually do when they spend all day at home. That is not the case
with affiliate marketing or any other job. If you think you are
going to be an affiliate marketer at the same time you are
babysitting a toddler and a preschooler, think again. If you are
somebody whose days are hectic and many of your tasks go undone,
then to attempt to be an affiliate marketer would be

5. You need to be able to organize yourself and be a self
starter. If you can hardly walk through your office, there is
two feet of clutter piled up on top of your desk, and you
couldn't find the title to your car to save your life, then
chances are you are not organized enough to be an affiliate

The potential benefits of affiliate marketing are absolutely
incredible and in many ways holds advantages over almost any
other type of job. With that being said, however, it is
important to point out that affiliate marketing is not for
everyone. If you are considering affiliate marketing as a means
of supplementing your income, then you would be well advised to
take inventory of your personal skills and of what types of work
you enjoy versus those that you do not. In so doing, you will
save yourself much time, effort, and grief if you happen to be
someone who is not cut out for this type of work.

About The Author: Simeon Calhoun is a freelance writer and
Affiliate Marketer. To read more of his articles on the subject
of Affiliate Marketing, go to

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