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Friday, February 15, 2008

Five Tips to Create a Profitable and Lasting Partnership

Here you will find five tips to create a profitable and lasting online joint venture partnership.

- Positive attitude

To create a profitable and lasting partnership it is essential to develop and maintain the characteristic of a positive attitude. A positive attitude is contagious while ensuring your partner has a positive attitude; this characteristic will help you both get through any difficulties. A positive attitude is an excellent means of creating future profits and a good partnership.

- Willingness to compromise and communicate

Every partnership has moments where one partner may consider a compromise, when you prepare for such moment you stay one-step ahead. Remain focused on the goal purpose of the partnership and do not become overwhelmed by the fine details that are so often over looked.

For instance, when one partner takes more than fifty percent of the income, the proposal should negotiate so that the other partner does benefit in other areas. The lines of communication should always be open, if a partner feels unhappy about any situation the expression should be in a positive manner, while also sharing when either is pleased. A healthy equilibrium is maintainable within a joint venture partnership when positive attitudes and communications abound.

- Enthusiasm in putting in fifty percent of effort

When you enter a partnership with another, it is only fair to expect to work for your part of the profit and benefits. Although if each of you can bring in a profit with little to no work then all the better for you both.

- Sticking to the plan

When you outline and agree to any particular plan with your partner, you must both be willing to stick to the plan, as to change midstream would be unfair. Keep in mind; you will also appreciate that your partner also be willing to stick to the plan. There will be situations that will be beyond your control; however, it is essential that you both do your best to stick to the plan of workload and timeline that is in the original agreement.

- Being adaptable with plan modifications

Although it may contradict the tip above, you should be willing to modify the plan if you need too, since you or your partner may have any number of unseen situations come into play, it is always good to be flexible. Perhaps, you may adjust the responsibilities, timeline and profits to fit any new situation that may arise.

In the end a joint venture partnership is built to include benefits that go beyond profits, since the potentials of a successful joint venture partnership is an increase in clients, network associates, credibility and profits. When you enter a partnership with a positive attitude in all things, you and your partner can build benefits that last for many years.

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