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Saturday, December 30, 2006

No Experience Necessary

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Any person who is looking for a job, a new career, a work from home comes across with the following challenge: work experience. Public job, private job always inquire on the experience of the candidate. Nowadays the activities that a person can start without being inquired on experience, curriculum vitae, age, sex, color, or any other question is rarely.

No experience necessary is a jargon used at network marketing, at Internet marketing specially. It suppose anyone with no experience can pass over this obstacle through its proper effort and determination.

A form to pass for the obstacles is facing it in a cheerful mood. See history below. It deals about a candidate answer some formulary questions. It was a winning writing:

Already I have made tickles in my sister for she stop to cry.
Already I was burnt playing with candle.
I already have made chewing gum and took my face dirty.
Already I have talked with the mirror and until I played of being sorcerer already.
Already I wanted to be astronaut, a guitarist, magician, hunter and a trapeze worker.
Already I hid myself behind the curtain and I forgot the feet outside.
Already I passed parrel by the telephone.
Already I took rain bath and I finished becoming addicted itself.
Already I stole kiss.
Already I have confused feelings. I caught wrong shortcut and I continue walking for the stranger.
Already I scraped the pan deep of the truck driver rice.
Already I cut myself making the hasty beard.
Already I cried hearing music in the bus.
Already I tried to forget some people, but I discovered that these are the more unforgettable.
Already I went up hidden in the roof to try to catch stars.
Already I went up in tree to steal fruit.
Already I fell down on my ass of the stairs.
Already I made perpetual oaths.
Already I wrote in the school wall.
Already I cried seated in the soil of the bathroom.
Already I ran away from home forever, and came back in the other instant.
Already I ran for not to leave somebody crying.
Already I was in the way of a thousand people alone feeling lack of only one.
Already I saw the rose and orange sun out.
Already I played myself in the swimming pool without will to come back.
Already I drank whiskey until feeling mine lips nothing.
Already I looked at the city from above and exactly thus I did not find my place.
Already I felt dark fear, I had nervous trembled, I almost died of love, but reborn to see the special somebody smile.
Already I woke up in the way of the night and had fear to rise.
Already I bet in running bare-footed in the street.
Already I cried out of happiness, I stole roses in an enormous garden.
Already I got passionate myself and I found that it was forever, but always was one "forever" for the half.
Already I lay down in the gram at dawn and saw the Moon to turn Sun.
Already I cried for to see friends leaving, but I discovered that soon arrive new, and the life is exactly one to go and to come without reason.
I have made as many things as possible, moments photographed for the emotion lenses, kept in a trunk, called heart. And now a formulary asks and faces me against the wall and it cries out: Which is your experience? This question echoes in my brain: experience, experience; Is that being "planter of smiles" a good experience? Not! Perhaps they do not know still spoon dreams! Now I would like to inquire a small thing for who formulated this question: Experience? Who has it, if all the moment everything is renewed?

End of the writing. I hope you begin spoon dreams. This history is cited here to help drifter and undecided guys who think to plant smiles, starting their own work from home business.

The experience language at the market place can be a poison to our dreams. How do you face your experience from now on?

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