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Monday, October 09, 2006

“In life and in Internet marketing, it doesn't matter what you know. It only matters what you do”

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The phrase that gives heading to this article catch me has some years behind, specifically in 1996, when I had knew network marketing. I was finishing my pos-university study in Social History from Brazil and in an afternoon sunday, a young boy of 21 years old presented me a marketing plan. It was my first contact with this type business-oriented. I loved.

My professional formation is academic. I am a historian and as university professor always I liked to learn and to teach. On the other hand, some thing pulled me to know other forms to gain money, beyond what I learned to earn as professor. Perhaps it has been this opening that approached me to network marketing.

What it means then the phrase: “In life and in Internet marketing, it doesn't to matter what you know. It only matters what you do ”. First, this does not mean that what we learn is worthless or valley less of what people make. Definitively not. The biggest wealth that we conquer is the knowledge that we create, learns.

However, what we know can have very meant for we ourselves, but it has little social value if we do not share it. Thus, what it matters, of the social, cultural point of view, it is what or as we share what we learn. While human beings, we are partner social and cultural beings. This in radically differentiates us of the animals.

This functions in the academy and the world of the businesses, as the Internet marketing. That is, the more people I share what I know, more chances I am opening for these people and me. They are knowledge in expansion process.

And it is clearly: sharing our knowledge, we are sharing our businesses. This type of attitude is a powerful tool to divulge any product, also new forms of knowledge. I would say that that is to place the knowledge in action.

We can say that XXI century is a century where the process of virtuality of the life (of the politics, the economy, the businesses, etc…) it will grow as an avalanche. In the end of the last decade of XX century already it was said that we were entering in the society of the knowledge. However, our challenge is not only to know, but to share knowledge. The necessary tool for this we already have: the Internet. However, it is necessary to learn its uses.

This last phrase takes us to the beginning and heading of the article: Action. That is, we have that to act using our knowledge. In this in case that, to act it means to make advertisement, using the best and more powerful possible tools.

I share here, therefore, the tools that I am using:
· More Knowing on Internet marketing
· Knowing more on advertisement in the Internet
· Knowing new people

That Everything and more, through daily and consistent actions. Studies on-line of an authentic course of advertising. I came back to be a student.

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