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Thursday, September 07, 2006


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First of all: my dream to build an internet marketing – it is a good cause to me. Aren’t to you? I hope yes. Mr. Thomas L. Friedman, at his book The world is Flat: a Brief History of the Twenty-First Century sad the great thing of XV century was the round land fact. However, nowadays, the reality is another one: the world is plain. Well, what does it means?

The fall of the wall of Berlin, in 9 of November of 1989, associated to a series of nine other great world-wide, described events in its book, is factors that point that the world is not rounder and yes plain.

More specifically, this means that the Internet is one of the great responsible for this world-wide crush. That is to each year, we have an increasing volume of people connecting in net. And this increase of the traffic also means increase of the business opportunity. Proper businesses, made from our proper home, of our computer. It is great.

TIKIDUM BUM BUM- It´s the sound of my business, it´s just like samba. It is a feature to energize my and your profits, in a brasilian way. Yes, I am thinking that make business at my home is an entertainment, happy and good thing at my life. And that is thus, because the main thing is to learn and to teach.

what you learn you ear

I believe the Internet marketing. My experience is that this business is a form of expansion of our conscience. Expansion of the world and ourselves conscience.

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